Some people are crazy about luxury watches; some are crazy about leather shoes, and some are crazy about caps. Luckily, I belong to the latter category as I always have been an avid collector of caps. From trucker mesh to baseball caps, and from flat brim caps to dad hats, I have bought and used them all.

But just after a couple of years of their use, my caps always find a way to the trash bin instead of being washed properly. Though I have tried numerous washing methods to keep my caps clean, they never showed any positive results.

From being torn apart, discolored, misshaped, and whatnot, I adopted a new hack of keeping my caps clean. The new hack was not an easy find, trust me. But lucky for you guys, I will be sharing the tips here.

So without further ado, let us begin.

Common Washing tips for your hats

  • Say no to laundry – Your custom caps and hats will last much longer if you don’t laundry them. A top-notch washer can do the job, but it is not recommended. Washing dryers change the shape completely, so it is best to avoid machines at all costs and hand-wash your caps.
  • Washing products with bleach will ruin your cap – Bleach colors simply remove the color and destroy the material. You want your colors to remain intact, so avoid using bleach or any bleach-based products.
  • Dishwasher? A big no! – There is a myth revolving around washing the caps in a dishwasher. Some people believe it’s a great practice, but some don’t. Personally, for me, I advise not to use dishwasher detergents since they have bleach in them. Bleach will damage your cap, so avoid using it completely.
  • The safest practice is hand washing – With the help of a brush or a washcloth, you can easily clean your caps and maintain its shape without damaging anything else.

So these are some general tips that I have used before, and they have worked brilliantly for me. But let us get down to the business and discuss the most efficient method of washing your cap.

Try out this method on your own and expect great results.

How to wash your cap properly

Follow these steps accurately for best results.

  1. Fill up your bucket with warm water. Some people believe that using hot water makes the material smooth, but warm water works wonders. If you are unsure, try out yourself.
  2. As the water is filling in the bucket, add a spoon full of detergent. Keep in mind that the detergent is bleach-free. Once the water is filled, mix the detergent and start cleaning your cap.
  3. Clean the upper portion of the cap first. If there are a few areas that need to be cleaned first, go for it, but I advise you to clean the upper part of your hat. Once you have dipped the cap in the water, use either a toothbrush or a scrubber to rub the fabric gently. You will be surprised by the results.
  4. After you have thoroughly washed the entire cap with a scrubber or a toothbrush, soak your hat up for just a few hours. Halfway through the caps, check to see if the stains are showing up or not. Though the stains may not appear due to the fabric being wet, somehow, they still manage to appear when dry. If you still manage to see some of the stains, clean with a toothbrush or a scrubber to remove the dirt or stains completely.
  5. After soaking up and cleaning all the stains of your cap, rinse all the soap with warm water and let it dry out.
  6. Clean up with a fresh cloth first before letting it dry completely. It is obvious that the hat will be wet when being removed from the water. Let the excess water drain and then dry with a warm cloth or a towel while maintaining the shape of the hat. When drying out with water, be gentle around the logo area so that you don’t damage the cap.