When you think about Pakistani outfits then you should also think about Libas e Jamila. Fashion clothing brand which provides you every king of Asian clothes which you want when you are not in Pakistan but you need Pakistani clothes. When you are not in your country then you must be missing your country and all you can do is to stay in touch with your roots with some things of your country like dresses and food.

Libas e Jamila provides you every kind of Asian clothes in UK. Most important fact that Libas e Jamila is one of the leading brand in Birmingham for Pakistani  and Indian clothes collection. It shows how much people like to wear Pakistani clothes even if they are living in another country. And when you are away from your country then you like to carry things of your country with yourself. Libas e Jamila provides you the best traditional and desi outfits. Every woman wants to look best in desi outfits because from that is where they belong from.

Different Outfits design:

Pakistani dresses have different designs. Some people like Embroidery designs on clothes and some people like big prints and designs on clothes. We are providing you with different kinds of  Pakistani clothes online UK collection. Such as Shalwar kameez, kurta pajama, Sari, Laacha, and many more. All of you must be wanting the best of these clothes then you should take a look here.


Sari is an attire worn mostly by Pakistani, Indian and Bengali women. But in Pakistan sari is mostly worn by married women. There a lot of women in the world who wear sari as an attire but it looks so elegant when you wear it. And what women want is to look elegant and classy and a sari makes women look elegant and classy. That is why a lot of women like to wear a sari.

Sari is usually wrapped around an ankle-length petticoat, from the waist to the heel in a straight skirt shape, and then the end hem is draped over the left shoulder or right shoulder. The top, known as Guli, is a low collar short sleeve corset designed according to the curve of the upper body, emphasizing the curve of women.


A latch is a very popular Pakistani dress and it is also popular in Muslim bridal fashion. A traditional latch comes with a flared lehenga skirt or ghagra with a rich and adorned bottom hemline. Traditionally, the blouse of a latch resembles a kurta but nowadays shorter cholis also accompany the ghagra. LaMancha is mostly worn by women at weddings. Most Punjabis wear latches in their weddings.

Best Quality and Fabric:

Fabric plays a very important role in Pakistani outfits because the elegance of clothes occurs through the good fabric. But yes, if you are not wearing good fabric then you must be looking not that good in those clothes but if you are wearing good fabric then definitely you will shine in all women. And women always want to shine in all gatherings either it’s Eid, a birthday party, or a casual meeting. Women always want the best attires for themselves to look best in all and to be honest your clothes matter a lot. And if you are not wearing good quality and best fabric then why anyone will notice your clothes. So yes ladies, What are you waiting for? Go and check the best clothes on LIBAS E JAMILA.

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