Have you ever glanced over that kid in your class, who has been the center of everyone’s attention due to his utter cleverness, favorite of every teacher? Did you ever wish for yourself to be half as intelligent as him? You did right?
Well, once in life every individual falls in the trap of questioning their ability and intelligence over that of some clever student of their class.

But the truth is, no student is or individual is deprived of the essence of intelligence, everyone has that in them it’s the difference that exists in their pace of understanding a particular topic.

And Differentiated Instruction is a concept that deals with it and that is why it is regarded important.

So before we get into the journey to discover the advantages of differentiated instruction let’s define Differentiated Instruction.

In Simpler words:

‘’ Differentiated Instruction is a way of tailoring instructions to meet individual’s needs.’’

There are 3 elements of differentiated learning methods, 1st the content, 2nd the process and 3rd the product.

The first part of differentiated instruction let’s teachers figure out what and how much their students know about something, in order to assist them.

When they learn about their student’s knowledge, weaknesses, strengths they devise a strategy accordingly.

These strategies include lectures, video lectures or sessions, activities whatever it seems helpful to teachers for catering the needs of their students.

For instance: For one student understanding the concept of nursing isn’t a big deal but for others it might seem like a great deal to work on, for one writing essays on nursing isn’t something to worry about but for others they might have to get assistance from some sort of writing service etc.

The final part of differentiated learning deals with discovering the student’s growth, what they learned and how much of the activities assisted them.

There are numerous advantages of differentiated learning and in this article you’ll discover the most crucial ones:

Why Differentiated Learning is Important?

Possess ability to be student centered:

The strategy of differentiated learning assists the brilliant kid to unveil a deeper layer of learning while providing support to the students with disabilities or students who are slow pace learners.


Differentiated learning doesn’t assist students only when they are out of help, in fact it assists them so they can get the understanding as fast and possible and catch up with the class lectures. Differentiated learning is important because of its proactivity to identify student’s needs at the initial phase or stage. It accommodates the student learning needs by responding to it proactively.

Assessing students:

Differentiated learning assesses students. The assessments take place through one on one conversation, classroom observations. This doesn’t only help in devising or planning a strategy but also is helpful in discovering better and refined teaching skills.


Differentiated learning is qualitative. Wondering how? A course instructor following differentiated learning assigns more work to the student that grasped the concept more effectively and less and step by step guide to students who struggle to understand topics or subjects.

The amount of work assigned is equal whereas the quality of the work varies from student to student and their pace.

A Dynamic Approach:

Differentiated learning is a dynamic approach, it is a growth opportunity for students as well as teachers. Students focus to gain the understanding of the topic whereas teachers work on their teaching techniques making it more effective for students’ benefit.

Grants Opportunity to be a Leader:

Differentiated learning grants students an opportunity to get involved in interesting learning activities. Introduces them to group task, peer work. And sometimes a student is granted a chance to acquire the teacher’s responsibility of explaining subjects or topics to their fellow classmates. This way the students work more efficiently in order to fit in the role or perform the responsibility of their teachers.

This kind of activity has immensely helped students in learning.

Parting Shot:

If you are a teacher who is encountering issues during their lecture sessions or hunting for ways to assist their students in understanding a concept, differentiated learning is all you need to focus on.