Diwali, ‘the festival of lights’, the festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, as it is the day  of homecoming of Lord Rama after finishing his 14 years of exile after slaying Ravana, who by illegitimate means kidnapped Sita.

People provide sweet offerings to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on Diwali and prepare special snacks. Thus Diwali is a festival of celebrations. And Diwali celebrations are more joyous with Diwali gifts .And when these Diwali gifts are unique, the moment becomes more memorable. Everyone can use a little box of happiness during this pandemic time. With this comes a dilemma as to what should be given as a gift, with innumerable choices, people can choose anything, traditional, trendy and other useful options, usually in their budgets, also not to forget, something that can be sanitized on receive. Some of them include:                                                     

Idols of Deities:

Gifting idols of deities is a way of showing that you wish for happiness and prosperity to the ones you are gifting. Gifting Laxmi- Ganesha as a Diwali gift set on this day is considered to be one of the old and holy rituals among Indians. These are also available as crystal 3D set to give fancier look. 

Personalized clocks and Photo frames:

Personalized or customized Diwali gifts like wall clocks or photo frames would be a great option, this way, they will remember you whenever they look up to the time or just sit and relax looking at the photo frame. 

Gift vouchers or personal care gift cards:

Gift vouchers make the best choice to gift to your loved ones who are hard to please. These come in different price range, making them more efficient and affordable as Diwali gifts. Personal care gift cards and personalized hampers can also be gifted to show how much you care about little details of your relatives or friends. 

Small home decor plants:

As Diwali is believed to bring joy and wealth to one’s life, gifting 3 lucky Bamboo stalks bamboo will make the perfect Diwali gift as each stalk of the bamboo plant represents the kind of blessings you bestowed: happiness, wealth and long life.

Money Plant is believed to be a good fortune as it is considered to bring riches in the house and makes a great decor for the home. Gifting small indoor plants would be solicitous.

Scented candles:

Celebrating the festival of lights, it would be thoughtful to gift aromatic candles to friends and family on this auspicious occasion as they would bring an element of light to their homes and fill their homes with a pleasant smell. The elegant and beautiful crystal candles as Diwali gifts will be pleasure for anyone’s eyes in the house on this occasion.

Sky lanterns or Diwali Lamps:

With awareness among people to save the environment by avoiding firecrackers during Diwali, sky lanterns make a great replacement to put forth the agenda. Sky lanterns are usually made of paper with a small candle at the center which are lit up and then released into the sky. It is picturesque to witness and will make the best photogenic moments in your Diwali celebration making it a perfect Diwali gift. 

Designer masks:

Surviving the pandemic, masks have become people’s new normal accessory and also an item of fashion. Designer masks matching with the outfit or having trendy prints, can be useful as well as fancy Diwali gifts for your loved ones. It is a gift that will keep the person you care for safe and will show that you care for them. A sanitizer hamper can also be gifted along with mask.


Traditionally, crockery is gifted as festivals are times of togetherness and it’s been a ritual to give cookware or server ware on Diwali. From dining sets to bowl sets, anything would make an exceptional gift. Also an elegant drink ware would make an elegant gift if you have friends fond of drinking.

Ethnic cloths or Toys for Kids:

Kids are the most excited people you will find in people’s houses during Diwali. Every kid loves a Diwali gift. Every kid loves to try on new clothes and play with new toys on Diwali.


What better gifts to gift than the ones that you prepared by yourself, from paintings to small lamps to show pieces to handmade cards and etc. You can just go on the web, learn, make something, wrap it, and just gift it. It means a lot when you put so much effort to learn something new just to gift it to your loved ones. This would be the best Diwali they will receive.

Just like these, there are a number of sweet, useful and unique Diwali gifts to choose from which will make this festival happier, brighter and more memorable. As the old saying, “It is always important to understand the thoughts of the person who gives gifts”, and these gifts will earn any person a special place in people’s heart.