Draw Kakashi

Draw Kakashi from Naruto pretty popular character. We’re going to start its portrait close-up as usual cool drawing ideas. Now we’re going to start with his mask that covers a face. So, we have to do like an eve sort of shape that comes up-down. It’s like a barrel pointing up goes over the bridge of his nose into his own side of his face. First, we go up that way to the middle and then come down the other side. So, we want to keep going down.

draw kakashi

Draw an eye

Then draw Kakashi eye is in here, and the other eye is cover. So, we have his headband that comes down along here. There’s his eye in here so we can draw that shape for where the I will go first. So, we know where to place the top of his mask. We can do the side of his face here, and then the head man will come down. This section of his mouth covering and know was covering, so it goes down this way that touches. So, then he has his eye in here, so he has a lazy sort of eye. If you know the character, he sorts of always looks. He kind of is I was chilled. So, we can do as a straight line for the top of his own.

It here like that then he has a dark pupil. In there, did you draw a semicircle,, and you color it in black? This sharingan le but can’t see because it’s covered if you’d like to do one another Kakashi. The shotgun and you can see the scar and everything. I could do that as then we have the bottom pilots, they’re ready. He’s a little line under there, then he has a top eyelid that curves around. We can see some of his eyebrows peeking down from underneath the head back. Then we can see some of the other sides of the eyebrow. The other side so closes down that spike comes back. So, what we can do is finish that headband of his so it comes down from here. You’re going to come back up to show a fold of it because it’s fabric.

Draw hair

Then this will come so you come up and meet the spikes of drawing Kakashi hairs that are serious, so come up there. Then we’ll do the other side so we’ll come over here and it’ll curve up a little. It’ll go up to there and then we’re going to bring it down this way so again curved lines. Then another one that starts to go down diagonal towards the hair so it meets here. So, if you were doing in pencil, you could keep going and then rub. It out because I’m using the marker, I’m going to add the hair in here. Are you going to spike for hair?

Then I’ll join that together there’s another spike for hair here, and then this hair goes around his head. Sort of is long on this site, so it’s like he’s a bit of a fringe coming down very spiky sort of fringe. So, the reverse goes over here, so it goes up down oh damn, and then they start to go off this way back this way starts to get bigger. This way, black this way right to the edge of my page there and then this one cut this down. We’re going in our sort of a radial pattern that way this way, and then this one comes down. So that’s a sort of hairstyle you could do you could do the curvier straighter, but you feel.

Draw head

Draw Kakashi head has the metal plate in the headband, so we’ll do that so we’ll do a line across here, they’re kind of rounded. The edges see, so rounds down lines down come down and stay agonal because his headband is slate. Then this one round keeps going this way back up to there another rectangle round edges. You can see a little line for the bottom of that there thinking it a sort of a 3d shape, and then we have the spiral. So, you start first in the middle kind of curves around back up that way, and if you wanted, you could do two lines to make.

It sorts of buffets and scratched in, or you could draw a simple line like this, which I think is better to keep it simple. You were looking for more detail. You could do another line around. Though we have these circles that show where the headband is attached, the metal plate is attached to the head. I’m sorry there, and then we’re going to add some hair here, sideburns coming down, and then he has an ear this side of his head.

I can’t see the other one because it’s covered so very simple like that comes down to the year lobe. Then we have lines for those bones the ligaments in his ears curved line they’re a little bit sticks out. Then little line in there you can do that loads of different ways the easiest way is like a letter J simple and right. So, we go down this way your dad was right, and these come down to the chin way around. I’m third you wanted you could do a line for the show where’s Noah was is under. Their shadow lines he wanted, but that’s good that in the manga that’s colored all black anyway. So, you won’t even see that, but if you’re doing the anime, this would be that Navy grey color like his headband depends.

Draw neck

You’re looking for so here’s a neck its price Draw Kakashi has neck, there are two lines in there. Some spikes for hair here beside the beside his neck under the headband same on the other side coming down. So, then he has his sort of shinobi Armor. It’s a big collar and the shoulder pads in there so we can start with this Colin right, so we’ll do the tops. This way comes down, and then this comes back up, then a couple meets his head, and then there’s the thick. I would say part of that sort of curbs around here down.

Then it comes back in and joins his neck, so we have one G sort of thick end for it. Then this comes back in and meets his neck in there, and then we have a line for a shoulder pad. That goes right off my page there using a regular rectangle a4 page if you had more room and a bigger page. You could keep going, and I will do pretty much the same thing on the other side. So, we’ll go from the hair curve down there back up. When I’m laying there back into his neck, and then we have shoulder coming off there. That collar comes down and meets sort of a zipper. There are various lines for different parts of his clothes. There may be some more in here, yes so, I’m going to and color this black now sort of manga star.