Books have always remained an essential part of students’ life. Be it school or college, we all have been dependent on books on different subjects e-Learning. As it says, there is no age for studying, so definitely, so one can still stick to books. It depends upon the likes of a person, what he wants to read. However, time changes with new emerging technologies. 

One such is e-Learning. Now the time of conventional education of holding books does not remain common for teachers and students. With time the perspective of imparting education has changed. In today’s context, classrooms do not remain confined to reading materials (books). 


The emergence of the internet has brought new advancements in the field of education. Surprisingly, its importance increased more in the lockdown times during the persisting phase of the global pandemic virus, COVID-19. Even though it made people confined to their homes, it does not affect their education. 


The online classes available, have proved a great help for children as well as teachers. The basic studies that we have been teaching to our children from illustrated books have now become much easier with e-learning. 


I won’t say that books are completely overshadowed by it, but somehow it has been noticed that children learn very easily with the representation of cartoon characters, music, and voice-over by some person. 


Just taking a small example, during the 90s decade, children used to read comics that were available from their stationery market. But same here, with the emergence of animation, now they are not much inclined to comics but enjoy watching cartoons on television. If we search for the latest education news, then we will know the recent developments that are taking place in the education sector. 


So can we say that the new digital era has affected the importance of books? Or in short, is e-learning a new better form of teaching kids than books. Let us know more about it. 


Books: Pros & Cons

When we talk of the general style of education, we often imagine a classroom where students can be seen with their study materials and books of course. Plus, a teacher standing in front of the class is seen reading out something from the book of any subject.

It is a traditional culture which we all had been familiar with. Books are not only limited to a kind of educational source. They come from varied perspectives. Also, these reading materials prove much useful in filling up the vacuum in your life. Those who are introverted, having not many friends, are much inclined to books as their best friends. 


You can read them anywhere while traveling by train or airplane. Whenever it comes to the examination, there is a hoard of searching for books that would help students in exploring the topics that could bring them good results. 




The biggest advantage to count on books is they are helpful materials that we can rely upon. In the case of exams, taking notes from the books becomes very simple for students. If in the case of doubt, a student can go back to the book and understand the concept once again. Books act as a better sharing source among friends. 




Well, with advantages, there are demerits of books that come with their storage, binding, possibility of tearing, and can be beyond your pocket budget. 


e-Learning: Pros & Cons


If you are searching for the latest education articles, then it is more possible with online sources. e-Learning came as a remarkable innovation in the field of education in the new technological era. As I have mentioned above, it became more effective during the lockdown because of the persisting global virus COVID-19. 


The place of books got replaced with the online classes of schools and colleges. The lectures given by the teachers and professors in colleges appeared in audio-video both. It won’t be wrong to say that e-learning does prove beneficial for students in saving their time, plus no effect on their pockets.




Apart from saving time and budget, e-learning is much more comfortable for a person. He/she has the option to flip and switch according to one’s understanding.




Although online learning has no doubt paved many benefits for people, it has its downsides. Firstly, it becomes very challenging in browsing for content that matches your needs. 


Secondly, till the time your internet is on, it will work accordingly. With books, there are no such issues of course. It might lead you to the situation to check your eyesight, all because of constant inclination to the screen.




Well, it will turn out to be a long debate session, when doing a comparison between e-learning and books. Coming up to pros, where books are the reliable source and can be re-approached for reference, there are some possible downsides, including tearing, expensive, and their storage. Contrary to it, e-learning has its advantages, in terms of available content, saving time, and budget. 


But on the negative side, it can affect your vision due to constant exposure to the screen. Plus, you might have to face challenges in finding the appropriate content for your needs. The biggest issue is it is dependent on internet connectivity.