Efani – Introduction

Efani is a trusted cell phone service with an encrypted SIM card protecting your mobile number from SIM swap frauds. Efani offers military-grade verification, endless support, and 5 million dollars in insurance coverage per individual. Even though Efani is still in its early stages, it has quickly gained traction among security-conscious clients, notably cryptocurrency traders, legal professionals, and top execs.

Let’s take a closer look at what Efani has to offer, including its history, plans, pricing, and more.

How Did Efani Happen?

In 2018, Haseeb Awan, the pioneer of Efani, was SIM-swapped for the very first time. He accepted it, hoping it wouldn’t happen again. Then came the second attack, preceded by the third and the fourth. Given the latest scam, he no longer trusted his mobile company to secure his number. He decided to take control of Efani, a secure mobile carrier.

Efani started in 2019 due to several personal cell phone hacking attempts. It is dedicated to resolving a pretty widespread problem among cryptocurrency buyers and sellers – a situation that most mobile phone companies, as evidenced by Awan’s issues, have appeared unable to resolve.

How Does Efani Work?

According to Awan, all significant cell phone companies require only mobile and an account number to upgrade an existing phone contract. They also configure a PIN, which can be circumvented if the hacker is technically savvy. Yet bribes and insider threats are still prevailing.

Efani’s main area of interest is in cyber security. Other mobile operators are telecom providers who rely on the protection of other businesses. Whereas, Efani is a cybersecurity firm that also offers telecommunications services.

Efani operates just like a mobile virtual network operator. It provides its clients by employing AT&T, Verizon, US cellular, and T-network Mobile’s facilities. This platform, however, is only used to deliver cellular service. Efani handles the security aspect for only $99/month. They also provide data management and customer service.

How Efani Protects You?

Efani offers a secure mobile service plan. Now, you can finally relax knowing that you are entirely safe from SIM swap breaches.

EFANI’s product modifies your existing mobile phone plan with a much more protected phone contract. It provides two different products:

  1. SAFE
  2. Black Seal Protection (BSP)

Their SAFE plan is for individuals and safeguards you against SIM swap incidents. Simultaneously, BSP is designed to meet the business’s needs. It is much more developed and prevents you from DDoS attacks, SS7 attacks, eavesdropping, location tracking, spam messages and calls, fake tower attacks, and more.

Because Efani perceives security as a fundamental human right, they treat your information as a sacred significance. They do not indulge themselves in sharing or selling your data. Their security protocols are unrivalled, and their client satisfaction is unrivalled, as no Efani client has faced a SIM swap attack on their SAFE plan.

Efani provides a proprietary 11-layer military-grade client verification system. It requires you to spend a waiting period of 14 days before sim swapping. Any significant change necessitates the authorization of several staff members and is beholden to a time-consuming manual process. Efani offers data encryption from end to end with zero-level verification and improved cryptography in a private VPN. They limit data access to a single IP address that can only be accessed within the US. Still, if your SIM card is swapped, you will be covered by a USD 5 million insurance policy.

Why Should Efani Be Your Choice?

Efani focuses solely on a single thing and nails it. Do not claim or imply that SIM swaps are the only way to lose cryptocurrency or data. However, they guarantee that the SIM swap won’t be the reason for your loss.

Fraudulent SIM swaps occur via two primary methods, which we will refer to as “Method 1” and “Method 2.”

  1. Method 1 is social engineering. They collect your information vis phishing emails and then use it by impersonating you and getting a new SIM card.
  2. Method 2 employs insiders. Hackers bribe a staff member of the cell phone company to give them your SIM card. It is not a standard method but is still a way to SIM swap you.

Phone carrier companies are now more alarmed against these activities, yet the attacks are only increasing. If we think about it, what Efani does is not extraordinary. Many known secure SIM providers have valid and legal applications and have been available on the market for many years. These SIMs are frequently used by targeted individuals, even if they are HNWIs or activists/influencers who might disturb themselves, their companies, and the community if their information and affiliated accounts were affected. It is not the only time a top-quality, reliable cellular service has been made accessible, but Efani is carrying a unique approach, focusing on stopping SIM swap scams.

They are America’s leading secure mobile service provider. They can port your existing phone number, allocate a new phone number, and even provide custom phone numbers (specific sets of numbers for vanity), so your choices are not constrained.

Efani is the go-to solution for security against SIM swap attacks, as has been identified. So, instead of becoming a statistic in another SIM swap incident, get an Efani subscription for only $99/month. Their plan involves unlimited calls and messages in North America and plenty of data and WiFi calling. EFANI provides free international roaming, but you must have an eSIM compatible device.

In short, Efani is not expensive, which instantly distinguishes them from the more conventional security-focused telecom service providers.