Nothing is permanent in the world. And internet marketing is no exception. Some marketing trends are replaced by others that are more relevant and effective. If you want to keep up with the times, successfully promote and develop your business on the Internet, your task is to keep up with making adjustments in accordance with innovations. Let’s look at the main trends in internet marketing this year.

Transparency and honesty
In promoting a product or service, the policy of complete transparency is unmatched. Exclusively laudatory odes to the advertised product are questionable, while honesty towards a potential customer builds trust and loyalty to the brand. A professional digital marketing studio will help you to competently play on the feelings of the audience, taking into account both the positive and negative aspects of the product.

Video marketing
Video blogs allow you to expand your audience easily and unobtrusively advertise your field of activity. At the same time in recent years, video marketing has been gravitating towards live broadcasts, a feature of which is the lack of editing processing. By visually demonstrating the product, describing its advantages and disadvantages in a simple and understandable language, you can build brand trust.

Audio content
This option is designed to increase the target audience by people who get information through audio content. How to put this into practice?
Digital marketing services include the development and publication of audio content for smart speaker users. A simple audio recording in blog format using podcasts will help attract an additional audience that prefers not only to watch but also to listen. Over time, you can create a separate, regularly updated podcast, especially since this genre is rapidly gaining popularity today.

Mobile Marketing
Smart gadgets have long ceased to be a luxury. Today these are essential tools, with the help of which we not only communicate in social networks but also conduct business, buy and sell, order services.
Mobile marketing allows you to:
⦁ Increase the number of potential customers;
⦁ Increase brand awareness;
⦁ Influence the choice of a product or service.
But for this, you should take care of the adaptability of the site images for various devices and the possibility of quick purchase of the product of interest.
Voice search
Despite the fact that voice search is used several times less than, for example, in America, this is an extremely promising direction. Therefore, today it is already included in the list of digital services in advanced agencies that monitor the development of the Internet marketing market.

Focus on content
Marketing development implies an emphasis primarily on content rather than advertising as such. The modern consumer trusts interestingly presented and informative material – articles and reviews posted on the official websites of the company. At the same time, there is a tendency to replace blogs and articles with visual content.
Interactive content is gaining more and more popularity, involving the consumer in a kind of game, the result of which is interaction with the brand and targeted action. Elements of augmented reality in mobile applications, tests, and quizzes are included in the services for promoting a business on the Internet.
However, when we talk about posting good content on the internet we must not forget about Wikipedia page. If you make a Wikipedia page about your business or brand, you not only get online reputation and credibility, but you will appear on the top search engine results.

Native advertising
We do not like it when something is imposed on us. Therefore, it is quite natural that today the trend is non-intrusive native advertising, softly woven into the storyline of a video or the context of an article, not striking, not causing rejection.

Here the opinion was divided in half, some argue that by 2020 more than 80% of all interactions of companies directly with customers will be carried out through chatbots that help order goods and services and receive advice around the clock, without lunch breaks and weekends, because they see this as an advantage for replacement of living workers of the company.
But, new indicators indicate that consumers began to strain chatbots, loyalty to live communication with representatives, and operators from the company began to increase again.