Carpet is a floor covering made of fibers cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass, etc., or chemical synthetic fiber materials, which are knitted, piled, or woven by hand or mechanical processes. It is not only our most common daily furniture, but also one of the arts and crafts with a long history in the world. Although it has many advantages, such as good elasticity, sound absorption, etc., the most significant disadvantage is that it is troublesome to take care of, and it needs to be deep cleaned after a period of use. There are two groups of carpet cleaning and maintance: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Let’s figure out which one may solve your confusion of carpet cleaning.

A:  Dry cleaning

  1. Foam dry cleaning method:

It is a common type of carpet surface foam cleaning. The foam dry cleaning machine uses a rotating brush and an implanted wet vacuum suction head to spray a large amount of detergent on the pile of the carpet, which acts as a rolling brush. After cleaning the pile with detergent, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb washing foam and suspended dust.

Dry extraction and removal method:

This method is to spray a mixture of solvents, emulsifiers, water, and detergent on the surface of the carpet manually or in a distribution container, brush it into the carpet pile through the washing equipment, and rotate it for 30 minutes and then suck it off Lotion and dust.

Dry cleaning is a surface cleaning, which can effectively restore the clean of the carpet ‘s surface, but it does not remove the dirt deeply hidden in the carpet. Thoroughly clean is essential.

B: Wet cleaning

Wet washing the carpet is considered to be the most effective way to deep clean the carpet, when there are various sticky substances accumulated on it and has affected the color and resilience of the carpet.

1. Spray suction cleaning method:

This method is to spray hot water and detergent onto the carpet under pressure. Use a carpet washing equipment equipped with a rotating or oscillating brush to separate dirt from the fiber Suck away after coming out.

2. Steam cleaning method:

It’s also called extraction cleaning method. Use a special steam dry carpet machine to release a steam solvent composed of a mixture of water and cleaning fluid sprayed on the carpet, and then agitated by a mechanical swinging brush. So the dirt is separated from the carpet fiber and suspended in the solvent through an implanted vacuum suction head cleared.

Cleaning tools and procedures:

1, Dry cleaning Tools:

carpet dry cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine, combing machine, and other professional tools and agents.

General procedures:

  1. spray dry cleaning powder
  2. partial stain treatment
  3. dry cleaning machine cleaning
  4. vacuum suction machine to dry
  5. carding machine to sort the carpet hair
  6. Wet cleaning tools:

cleaning equipment such as carpet cleaning machine, carpet suction machine, three-speed carpet drying machine, and special agents such as high-foam carpet cleaner, low-foam carpet cleaner, and carpet remover.

General procedures:

  1. full vacuuming
  2. partial decontamination
  3. full cleaning
  4. rinsing, disinfecting
  5. water absorption, drying

Based on the above, it seems the cleaning of carpets is a sophisticated task. Deep carpet cleaning Christchurch services will be your smart choice to save your time, providing professional cleaning plans.