Did you know that emotional videos can become one of the best marketing strategies for your company?

Think about how companies like Coca-Cola, Apple and other large multinational brands sell their products.

In addition to selling, they manage to retain their customers and make them true lovers of their brand.

What is your secret?

The emotional videos in which the sales speech points to emotions, impacts and leaves its mark.

For example, Coca-Cola sells happiness (not a cola-flavored carbonated drink) or Corporate Video Production Companies In Dubai and Apple Innovation (not just a mobile phone).

Do you want to know how to create emotional videos that help you get more customers and achieve a higher degree of loyalty?

Then read on, because in this article you will discover how to become a love brand.

Why are emotion videos so powerful?

We live in the digital age and we can practically say that we live connected.

We have the possibility of accessing any type of content immediately and we have a huge range to choose from. In fact, there is so much information at our disposal at the click of a mouse that it is easy to feel saturated or suffer the so-called “infoxication”.

This means that your content competes with hundreds of other constant attention demands (social networks, emails, articles …) and since people have little time, they only stop at what impacts them.

There is the great difference that emotional marketing has compared to traditional marketing: the goal is to fall in love before selling.

Emotional videos directly “attack” the sensitivity of those who watch them. They can awaken joy, compassion, desire or fear, among other emotions.

Emotions. That is the key. It is the emotions that move the world and the real responsible for purchasing decisions.

Therefore, the best marketing strategies are not focused on simply selling or meeting a need, but rather on providing experiences. Experiences and emotions are hard to forget, and that is what emotional videos are after.

5 advantages of emotional videos

Are you thinking of starting to include this marketing strategy in your company?

To finish convincing you, we tell you 5 reasons why emotional videos will make you a unique love brand.


Is demonstrated. We are able to transmit and adopt the emotions of other people even if we do not know them and we do not have any affective relationship with them.

Most of the time we do it unconsciously. It is possible thanks to empathy and mirror neurons.

That is why we are sad when we see suffering in another person or it seems that it hurts us if we see someone hit himself.

So if you start an emotional video strategy, you will be able to convey much more and more deeply to your potential clients.


Human beings like stories and accompany them almost from their origins.

It is a very effective way to awaken emotions.

In the world of marketing, it is called storytelling, which is a technique whose purpose is precisely to tell a story that reaches the user in a way that “touches the potato.”

An attempt is also made to convey the values ​​and essence of the company. All this in order to create a community of loyal consumers to the brand.

That makes storytelling indispensable in any business today.


You may have already realized that all this is going to connect with your customers in a way that goes beyond the seller-consumer relationship.

What is sought with emotional videos is that whoever sees it feels that you understand him, that you know what his problems, concerns and desires are. And that you are the perfect solution and you can help him.

In addition, this type of format has many advantages over the traditional one with actors:

  • It is cheaper:you can set the video in any location, without having to move recording equipment.
  • Freedom for creativity:animation has no limits, so you can do anything you can think of.
  • Show the intangible:If your company sells applications or services, animation allows you to show them in a clearer and more understandable way.
  • Empathy:while with a real actor, someone may not feel identified by his image, with an animated character there is no problem.

As you can see, they are very interesting advantages.


Surely if I say “gangnam style” or “of course yes, handsome” you will identify what I am talking about.

These are 2 of the most viral videos in recent years and that have had the greatest impact.

Think of another viral internet. It’s a video? What a coincidence, right?

That is another of the great advantages of opting for this type of content: the ease with which it can be shared. 

And this is not what we say, 1,200% more videos are shared than text or images.

If you manage to create a video with good content capable of moving and that people like, you are assured of dissemination through the Internet.


When we really like something, when it excites us, it stays in our memory for a longer time. Notice, After 3 days, only 10% of users will remember what they read in a text. On the other hand, with video the figure rises to 30%.

As we have already told you, it is the power of the image compared to only written words.

Surely you remember a video you saw years ago but, for some reason, it does not go to your mind. Or advertisements from the time of your childhood.

Can you imagine achieving something like this with your products? Getting to do something that lasts over time and in people’s memories?

Examples of emotional videos that will not leave you indifferent

You already know the advantages of including emotional videos within the marketing strategy of your business. But to discover the true power of impact they have, you need something else: to see in action everything we have told you.

Look at the 2 videos we have brought as an example:


This video includes everything: animation characters, storytelling and emotions. A direct attack on the pain point of many people.


In this case, we are going to see an advertisement for something as simple as a strawberry. However, the client did not want the typical commercial video, so we sought to focus on emotions.

  • There is no mention of the product; the objective at all times is to transmit sweetness and tenderness (hence playing with the baby metaphor).
  • Aesthetics that take it away from the most classic advertisement.
  • Lullaby music that is recognizable by anyone and evokes the connections that interest us.
  • We take the viewer across the room and then show them the product. This way we manage to keep our attention all the time.

What other emotional videos have conquered you?

Surely after reading this article other good examples of emotional videos have come to mind. You may even have applied this marketing strategy yourself without knowing that it had this name.