Invitation cards are used to invite people for gathering and exclusive fun. This is a traditional way of inviting people. Only the people with the invitations are allowed to come together for different purposes. Over the year’s invitation cards have been categorized into many themes. They are not only used for casual gatherings but important business meetings. Receiving an invitation is a highlight of anyone’s time.

Apart from receiving invitations, many people like to collect invitation boxes. It is even counted as an official hobby. Along with the cards, people have started the custom of attached gifts like sweets, perfumes and bath bombs. Invitation card boxes of various types are available. These boxes are an insight into the event and the inviting person. Each invitation box holds its specific significance. Our memories are associated with those events. Give your best impression with creative and crafty invitation cards.

You can now add your personal touches by customizing the cards instead of choosing from the samples. Samples are encouraged because we make the best! But your personal designs will set you apart from everyone else.

Embossment of logo:

We make invitation cards in all shapes and sizes. Our service provides a bulk supply in order. Use our platform to make your invitation cards. We give special attention to the embossment of the logo. It is done in a clean space on the box so that it does not interfere with the invitation theme but holds its own significance.

We then fill the area with colored ink and foil stamping. The logo can be simply printed with our high-tech 3D printing machines. Our printing process is clean and fascinating. Sketching and outlining of the whole card is done by professional designers. This brings light to your brand and creativity. Shook the market with unique techniques and in-depth touches.

Designing and layout:

Our company offers a number of layouts which are elegant and vibrant. Many different cards are issued for special occasions. Wedding card boxes are more elegant and simplistic. Children’s party cards are a bit wild and embellished with cartoon themes for their joy. Business card boxes are mostly of monotonous colors with a small luxury printed at varying places. We have set benchmark templates for a multitude of occasions. Our color and styling perfect for each!

You can use a variety of paper and lamination for the boxes. Our plain cardboard and kraft boxes never fail to amaze. It is easy to print many designs on cardboard papers. They hold strength and quality for a long time. That is good news for invitation boxes collectors. Kraft papers are recyclable and a save from complete waste. Their vintage look adds to their quality.

Wholesale boxes:

The tools and hardware we use for the manufacture of the boxes are impressive and imposing. Today the most used boxes in the invitation box market are propelled from casual to luxury. For casual occasions and printing techniques, we use pillow kraft boxes, sliding boxes and flip boxes. Each box is unique and cut with precision. The gliding of the paper against their case is smooth. The wholesale demand is completed with guarantee and promise. You can customize the thickness of the cardboard boxes. They can be wrapped and printed in items to give your items their characteristic display.

For the side gifts, we offer window boxes with matching color of flavor and scent. They give a small peek on the beauty inside. They also add to the overall appeal of the invite. Bath bombs are a common gift and a pleasant offering. You can now customize the side gift boxes as well. It is important that the small offerings also look remarkable in front of the large invitations.

Our Luxury Package Offerings:

Luxury boxes include hexagonal boxes, sleeve and tray boxes and booklet rigid boxes. We hold supreme experience in the field of customizing luxury custom invitation boxes. It should be kept in mind that along with classy look the invitation must look warm and welcoming as well. Add in the luxury according to your mode by making use of our techniques. Wrap your cards in velvet add wooden carvings or enfold in soft net ribbons. Whip out these special boxes to impress your colleagues and clients especially in the boardroom.