Your home gym

We are surrounded by possibilities to exercise. And to do it completely free. So if your excuse for not being in shape is that you don’t have a euro, start thinking of another excuse because this one we are going to take apart.

Use your creativity to observe your surroundings and give it other uses: do you want some weights? Well, use paint cans filled with sand, shopping bags, or use two fanny packs filled with stones. As long as you do it right, watch out for injuries and balance the weight, anything can do. But beyond starting to do crafts, you should look around you: you have more facilities than you think.

Up and down stairs

Few things are as healthy (unless we have a knee injury) than going up and down the stairs. Obviously, if you live in a first floor it does not count, but forget the elevator as usual and a couple of times a day (or more, depending on time and needs) go up to the top of your building or use them if you live in a low house to find a place in which to exercise. Who wants a step machine that can do the same for free?

Blessed videos

YouTube’s invention is the best. Take advantage of it for more than just watching music videos or influencers talking about their things. You have many videos on how to exercise at home, how to learn yoga or Pilates from your living room, or how to learn to dance. The important thing is to move and put your heart to work.

Run or Exercise

Not everyone likes it, but so many persistent runners can’t be wrong: running is addicting. Start by walking around the block and expand the route little by little until you get the hang of it. Remember that once it is a routine for you, you cannot do without it.

If you can’t run except when chased, then force yourself to walk at least 20 minutes a day at a good pace. No slow walks, walk as if you were late for an exam and do it daily. You’re going to get in shape faster than you think.


It’s summer. If you have a nearby pool, beach, or reservoir, why do you want a gym? Exercising is putting your will into it. It is not about going to soak and lie on the shore to sunbathe, but about swimming until you get tired and a little more. It is about doing sports. Of course, as long as you can swim well and are in a safe environment.

Bikes are loves

If you have a forgotten bike in the storage room or someone can lend it to you, you have a treasure, what do you do that you don’t use it? By bike we exercise while we enjoy ourselves. We can go alone or in company and it helps us to know our city. If you ride a bike to college every day, you’ll see your fitness improve in no time.

Parks aren’t just for retirees and kids

Surely there is a park in your city with gym machines, why don’t you use them? They will help you to work those muscles that are most difficult for you to train and thus introduce certain routines in your training. According to expert ghostwriter green areas will help you to put into practice in the open air what you have learned from YouTube videos

Your mobile is smart: use it

There are many applications with exercise routines for you to put into practice from home. There are them for specific areas (such as to get a wonderful bar of chocolate or buttocks like stones) and also to keep you in shape in general. Start downloading and get in trouble.