Custom boxes are the need of every retail business. In the USA, (according to the state department for the industries) in 2019-2020, the overall usage of the custom boxes has been reached at 45 million tons. In the coming years, it will even increase further. So, it is very important to spread awareness of having good quality custom boxes for your products. The use of standard 10 size cigarette boxes has also been increased a lot because there are many new companies that are offering CBD cigarettes. Because good quality and attractive packaging can increase your sale by twice.

There are various types, styles, designs of product packaging but you have to know about the most acquiring elements that a high-quality custom box should possess. So, to distribute that knowledge we have compiled this comprehensive guide so you can take the most benefit from it. Just stay with us till the end to learn some new and most authentic facts about custom boxes.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The first and foremost factor is, your packaging should be prepared by following eco-friendly practices as well as environmentally friendly materials like ink, packaging stock, etc. Because we are living in a global warming era and we should have to protect our nature and environment to keep functioning nature at its best. It is also in trend to buy eco-friendly products and people prefer to buy products that have environmentally friendly packaging too.

So, when you make a contact with your packaging supplier you should give clear instructions to them not to follow antsy harmful activity or practices that are not eco-friendly.

Durable Packaging

Other than biodegradable packaging, your custom boxes should be firm and durable enough to hold the product weight and cannot tear with a little bit of pressure. Stock strength or thickness is the main factor that can make or break the whole game. Your professional packaging or custom boxes provider will help you to find the best stock thickness according to the weight that makes your packaging durable enough.

Maximum Customization Availability

Customization ability is the thing that binds retailers to use custom boxes compared to the pre-made or stock boxes for their products. Whenever you choose the packaging style for your products you have to consider whether this packaging type or style has enough customization options. Because by selecting your custom boxes according to your requirements and needs, you have to make certain changes to the universal style of that particular packaging template.

Sometimes you make some adjustments into the size of the box while other times you may have to perform adjustments to manage the styles and shapes of your custom boxes. So, when you adopt a custom box you should keep the options for customization into your mind. Otherwise, you may have to disappoint with your custom product packaging.

Captivating Packaging Design

Last but not least is the design and branding of your custom boxes. To have good quality custom boxes for your products it is very important to have the best appealing printing design on your custom product boxes. Design is the thing that attracts the user by its first sight. Having a dull, boring, and common printing artwork on your custom boxes will probably lose the custom attention or you might lose a potential customer.

So the importance of having an attractive, captivating, and impressive packaging design will eventually boost your products sale as well as your brand authority.


We try our best to address the most common and valuable topic to spread the key information about what are the best custom boxes? We wish this article will clear all of your misconceptions about the custom boxes.