Cake smashes become the way of celebrating first birthdays all over the world. Of course, who wouldn’t love a cute little chubby, smiling face smeared with cake all over? What would a first birthday photoshoot even be without a cake smash? Boring is the answer! But for a lot of parents, especially first-time ones, the excitement of celebrating their cute little one’s first birthday can leave them overwhelmed with thoughts on what to do and what not to do in preparation for that special day.

There is always a lot of self and health imposed dietary restrictions for children as young as one and because of this, many parents worry about what ingredients are appropriate and which ones are not, for a first birthday cake. Below are a few pointers you should take note of as you prepare for little one’s special day. Read on:

1. Mind the sugar!

A lot of people think that babies like super sweet cake, but this is wrong. If a child has not had a lot of exposure with very sweet foods, a very sweet first birthday cake may not be what’s best for them. Apart from a possible upset stomach, your baby may simply not have a taste for it. Consider having a homemade cake which you frost on your own. Banana bread is a great cake substitute, and whipped cream works well in place of regular icing, which tends to be too sugary. Several babies reject cake because they don’t know what to do with the taste; they are not used to it. Others just end up with an upset stomach.

2. Make sure you have multiple outfits for the day

If you are going for a first birthday cake smash photoshoot, you should make use of the time you have paid for and get as many photos as you can in many outfits. Give the little one about 15 to 20 minutes before the smashing time to have warm up to the photographer, and capture the sweet, pre-smash photos. After the smash, their outfit may be ruined, and they may need a change.

3. Be creative

Don’t think outside the box, because if you do that you are thinking in relation to the box; so smash the box and forget everything you know! A lot of first birthday cakes are almost the same these days. The birthdays also have almost the same themes: Disney princesses, cartoon characters, bla bla bla. The photoshoots are almost the same as well, photoshoots taken indoors, or in a photo studio session. This is cute, but it may not be your preferred style, you can consider doing things in a bit new and different way. How about an outside photoshoot? or any other place your child would be most comfortable in?  Your photoshoot must reflect the true image of yourself and your child. So choose the ideal setting you like. Don’t follow bandwagons.

4. Throw perfectionism out the window!

In this age of Instagram, anyone can easily feel the need to snap the perfect photos. But you guess what? Life is not perfect; your child is not perfect. It’s normal to want to capture your baby to go wild with their first birthday cake. Well, that does not always happen. So no worries about your baby’s reaction, you might have priceless moments. Let the photographer capture the moments of the day as they are. Don’t try to look too picture-perfect. A few years from the day, you will definitely love and enjoy going through the pictures and remembering the day no matter your kid’s reaction.

Remember that first birthdays only happen once, and that first birthday cake can only be enjoyed once. So whatever you do for them, prioritize having fun!