On social media, including Instagram, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. When working with Instagram it is important to know that your content can be very well prepared and enlightening, however, it will only be delivered to your ideal client if a good job is developed. It may be that your followers have the ideal customer profile for your business, yet it is possible that your publications will not be shown to everyone or perhaps they will be lost among many others that are competing for the attention of these users. Many factors determine whether the content will be delivered to your ideal consumer, the one with a real business chance and almost none of them is due to the fact that your account is one of the most followed on Instagram.

Many people believe that more followers = more success and more customers, but this is not true. Some companies are followed by thousands of people and still make few or no sales on Instagram. What are they doing wrong? One of the success variables of an Instagram profile or post is the level of engagement generated.

What is engagement? We can consider engagement any interaction that people, customers or not, have with your brand through Instagram. Alike, a comment, a share. This depends very little on the number of followers and much more on the content offered to your audience and a distribution strategy for that content.

That is why buying followers is not recommended because all you will get is the impression that your Instagram account is popular. Unfortunately, this popularity is useless because it does not lead to interaction. That’s because all you get is robot accounts that are directed by a system. You need another way to get REAL, and if possible, free Instagram followers (and likes) in large numbers.

You need Followers Gallery! This is an app that rewards you for following and liking other users’ Instagram accounts. So to get this reward, you need to download the application and start following and liking the Instagram accounts of other Followers Gallery users. The rewards offered are coins which can later be exchanged for free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. The more coins you get, the more followers and likes you get. As simple as that!

Followers Gallery is a 100% free app. Your progress is determined by how diligently you follow and like other people’s Instagram accounts. This application is also safe because it does not contain viruses at all. Security is not only determined by being virus-free but also the fact that you don’t have to share your Instagram / email password when you register. You can download this application on your Android phone or iPhone. Sign up, log in, and start earning as many coins as possible. More coins mean more followers and likes. And they are all REAL because they are generated from the activities of real people.

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