For All Sports Lovers Football Is The Best Game


Jun 27, 2022

At the beginning of the year or school year, sports are often on the list of good decisions people have made. Currently, this step is not easy. Going to the gym and jogging outside is not recommended due to the coronavirus. Next best thing: Play at home. For excitement, video games like AFK Arena Tire List 2022 have been selected by Yahoo News site.

Color matching adventure

For all sports fans, Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch combines physical activity with playful adventure. Athletes play the game while navigating a beautiful world and fighting creatures. He uses a tool to help improve all the tests, the ring-cone. For years, the Just Dance license allowed sports fans to move their entire bodies as they danced. In addition to the best episodes of the past, the 2020 edition features over forty songs by the likes of Katy Perry, Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande. So you have a lot of options for each game.

Fitness Boxing

On the Nintendo Switch you can also do physical exercises with Fitness Boxing. Activities are very varied and suitable for all levels. Indeed it is possible for an athlete to limit the duration of training. In addition, athletes can choose to work with the whole body or just one part (legs, shoulders). There are about twenty music tracks with this sports video game to get in the mood.


Post 2017, Arms’ success on the Nintendo Switch has never waned. Currently this video game moves our entire bodies with a perfect title that can accommodate colorful characters. You can play matches alone or with a friend. You also need to use the right strategy to beat your competitors and respect your time.

Super hot wear

Video games differ from others in that they can only be played with virtual reality headsets. Super Hot Wear is a shooting game that gives you a variety of weapons to overcome over 34 levels. The player must constantly do everything they can to avoid enemy fire. Thus, he has to move his whole body and use his physical abilities.

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