A free listing on Google My Business is the first step in local SEO marketing. This helps to ensure that an entry is displayed correctly in Google Search, Google Maps, Streetview and Google+.

The three most important pieces of information are your name, address and telephone number.

These data should also be identical in other directories, always up-to-date and in standard-compliant notation. Despite the dominance of Google, directories still have some importance today.

It is particularly useful to be represented in relevant, specialized directories for certain industries. For sustainable local SEO, it is crucial to continuously check the entries for topicality and consistency.

Ratings and reviews

Positive reviews are another success factor for local SEO. In order to get good reviews, it makes sense above all to motivate regular customers to submit reviews – on Google, but also on other review portals and on your own website. Even negative reviews are valuable. They are suitable for critically questioning your own performance and that of the company and continuously optimizing it. Websites with only positive reviews can also raise suspicion of manipulation.

Tip: Friendly and constructive reactions to critical reviews show attention and customer orientation.

Local SEO is mobile SEO

Responsive design is one of the most important ranking factors today – this is especially true for local SEO. Today, potential customers are predominantly looking for products and services in their area with smartphones or iPhones.

Local SEO service – professionals improve the local ranking

With a little luck, an entry on Google will appear as an attention-grabbing rich snippet. This particularly highlighted way of presenting an offer appears in the organic search results – and is therefore free of charge. For the Local Business area there is an extensive list of properties for optimizing the HTML code.

A good test to evaluate the technical competence of a local SEO agency is the question of the popularity of Schema.org .

How Voice Search SEO works with featured snippets

Local SEO means regional search engine optimization. So it’s about making your own business better known locally and easier for potential customers to find. A good ranking in Google’s local search results is crucial for this. Today no company can afford to ignore local SEO. After all, more than a third of all search queries on Google have a local reference.

Local SEO as a success factor

Local SEO is a crucial success factor for many companies today. Because more and more customers are looking for a specific service in their area, accessing the Internet – with inquiries based on the “service + location” pattern. Even without specifying the location, Google usually presents providers close to the user.

Local SEO is much easier and cheaper to implement than other search engine optimization measures. One of the reasons for this is that there is often little competition in the target region.

Google lets you look at the maps

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is almost a secret science. This is because Google, as the most important search engine, usually keeps its algorithms and the search criteria behind them secret. However, this only applies to a limited extent to the area of ​​regional search engine optimization. The search engine itself provides information on local relevance. According to Google, the three most important ranking factors are relevance, distance and awareness.


For Google, relevance means the correspondence between the request and the information available about a company. That means: the more information matches a search entry, the better the ranking of a company. Anyone who describes their service as precisely and comprehensively as possible has clear advantages over the competition.


The company’s distance from the device sending the request is also important, but not critical when in doubt.  The decisive factor is the relevance for the search term.

The local SEO checklist

Quality asserts itself in the worldwide network. Even websites that mainly address regional customers cannot avoid search engine optimization. This local SEO checklist lists the five most important points for a locally successful website:

  • The site is suitable for mobile devices (responsive design).
  • The company is optimally represented with a “My Business” account on all Google services. The information (e.g. opening times) is always up to date here.
  • The essential information (name, address, telephone) is the same in terms of content and spelling in all directories (consistency).
  • The company has mostly positive ratings in the relevant portals. Negative comments are not ignored, but used constructively.
  • Onpage optimization: keywords, headline, meta description and the content are right. HTML markings according to the specifications of Schema.org are very helpful.


The worldwide network stands for globalization and internationalization. At the same time, the importance of local SEO is growing. Local search engine optimization Bangalore is indispensable, especially for small and medium-sized companies that want to increase their local awareness and win customers with the Internet.

The key to good positions is good content, even with local search queries. First and foremost, this includes high-quality texts that present the reader – and search engines – with exactly the content they are looking for. Text broker offers a comprehensive text service for this. Good content has a targeted effect – globally and locally.
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