We live in a time where if a person is either overweight or underweight. Only a few who take proper care of their health and weight fall into the category of those who have maintained a healthy weight. Being underweight can bring some problems in your life as certain issues arise when your weight is below the healthy mark.  You must eat healthy foods to maintain weight.

Being underweight can lead to a lack of stamina, focus, and ability to do the heavy lifting. There are tons of other problems as well that you can get by being underweight. Certain ways can help you in gaining weight and thus improving your health.

Following a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and consuming foods that can help you in weight gain are right for your health and weight. Foods that are rich protein, zinc, and iron can help in boosting your metabolism and help you to gain weight. Protein-rich foods like beef bone broth, salmon, and chicken can help in improving your weight and muscle health. The following are some of the foods that can help in increasing your weight.


Meat helps in improving your weight. Meat contains protein, and the amount of calories that you will find in meat is also in good numbers. Try to consume as much meat as you can so that it can help in improving your weight. You should check your calorie intake and consume more then what you are consuming right now. It will help in making you more healthy and will also help in your weight gain.


There are several sources of meat that you will find in poultry. The most common ones are turkey, chicken, duck, and goose. People consume them to maintain their weight, while some consume them for their taste and the amount of energy they get by consuming such foods. Chicken is the most commonly used source of meat and can help you in increasing your weight. If you are not comfortable consuming beef or Seafood, then you should shift to chicken.


Another food that is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin E that helps in improving your hunger and also your weight. Gaining weight is one thing, and getting fat while doing it is another. The only way you can gain weight while staying fit is to eat healthy foods. Such foods will help in improving your overall health as well. Dairy foods help in improving your metabolism as well.


Smoothies are also an excellent way to gain weight. Mixing fruits with milk and making a smoothie out of it helps in giving a good boost to your weight gain. While it’s a problem that is faced by many people, you should add smoothies to your diet list. This will also help you to fulfill the sugar need of your body. Try to avoid added sugar because it makes you fat and unhealthy.


Cooked on a slow heat and something rich in various nutrients shouldn’t miss the list of your weight gain diet. Bone broth contains a protein that helps to boost your metabolism, which leads to more hunger. When you get hungry, it’s evident that you will crave more food. Try to consume your food by staying in a limit. Don’t just stuff everything in your stomach as it can lead to severe health conditions. Cooking bone broth is not easy, so you can start by consuming powder of bone broth. Mix it up with boiled water, and you will be ready to taste this broth.


Consuming such foods will help in improving your health, and if you are underweight or overweight, it will help you to maintain a healthy weight. Apart from gaining weight, there are several other benefits that you can get by consuming such foods that are rich in calcium, protein, and amino acids. Other things will also help you with your weight gain. Doing intense workout also leads to muscle and weight gain. Gaining weight is not difficult, but if you don’t know the right approach to do it, then you can also gain fat instead of gaining healthy muscle mass. Try to follow a healthy diet and then go for a good workout routine.