One of the reasons for the rapid weight gain is a sedentary lifestyle. It’s no surprise that people who spend 8 hours in offices complain about extra pounds. However, inactivity is not the only culprit for weight gain. We’ve rounded up the most popular reasons for gaining weight at work; check if they apply to you.

1.     Free Food From The Company

Birthday parties with sandwiches and cake, morning coffee, and afternoon tea are indispensable companions of everyday office life. If there are lovers of pastries in the office, you will constantly get to taste homemade desserts. The more of these delicious breaks, the faster the extra inches are formed on your waist.

How To Fix It

Dealing with temptations is difficult but necessary. Do not eat if you are not hungry, and skip the second portion of pizza or cake. Go out to dine in the nearest cafe or canteen, have a snack in the office kitchen in extreme cases. Well, it is best to treat yourself with fruits as they are healthy, tasty, and not too high in calories.

2.     Junk-Food Pusher

Many people at the office have such colleagues that push them to eat unhealthy foods. Even when you try to follow the diet strictly, they will make you choose fatty meals. “Let’s have a burger after office or let’s grab a drink” are common phrases you hear from your favorite office fellows. They may be your great friends, but trust us, they will make you obese.

How To Fix It

Make sure you make them understand that you are trying to lose extra pounds and stay healthy. If they are your true friends, they will understand. However, if your friend is an addict, you need to guide them to the right path instead of abusing alcoholic drinks with them. You can advise them to get help from rehabs such as Desert Hope Treatment Center that are operating full-time to help such addicts.

3.     Lack Of Regime

There is a lunch break in the middle of the working day, but many people prefer to spend it on personal affairs. Well, workaholics simply do not break away from work. When hunger overtakes them, they prefer to grab a bag of nuts or chips from a vending machine. Or chew fast food without looking up from the monitor. 

 How To Fix It 

Try to write down all your daily snacks and then analyze the result. You may get surprised how many extra calories you consume during the workweek. To avoid temptations, stock up on healthy snacks in advance. It may contain vegetables, fruits, or dried fruits. And be sure to have lunch at set hours.

4.     Lighting And Temperature

According to Scientists, dim lighting stimulates appetite and makes you eat more. Many restaurants know about this rule. Bright light suppresses hunger as you think lesser about food and do not get distracted by snacks. The temperature in the office also affects appetite. The cool air makes you constantly drink tea or coffee, which rarely goes without high-calorie accompaniments: buns, cookies, or sweets.

How To Fix It

Get out from time to time to warm up. Sunlight will reduce the cravings for unplanned snacks. Instead of hot tea and cake, wear a sweater or a warm scarf; they warm you just as well.

5.     Overtime At Work

Missing your lunch break, staying late in the office, and taking work home. These habits are dangerous for health and shape. It leads to chronic fatigue and lack of sleep that stimulate the production of ghrelin. As a result, you constantly feel hungry, and after eating, you do not feel full, leading to constant overeating and rapid weight gain.

How To Fix It

Try to complete work within working hours, and in the evening, do not sit at the computer. In order not to overeat, it is important to get enough sleep. Sleep properly not only on weekends but also on weekdays.

Wrapping Up

Losing weight requires sticking to healthy principles not only at home but also at the workplace. No matter how hard it seems to resist temptation, you need to avoid free unhealthy meals at the office. Try not to overwork, add extra light to your workstation, and follow a proper eating regime. These tips will help you stay in good shape, despite spending straight hours at the office.