Investing in gold can be an incredibly stressful and even confusing decision for the new investor. There are so many different options for how you can invest, then there are the different qualities and denominations of physical gold. Acre Gold has set out to make the entire process of investing in gold, from beginning to end, much simpler, and far more affordable for the average person.

This means that when you buy gold through Acre Gold, not only are you getting the highest quality gold available, but you are getting it at a great price with low fees. On top of all that, once your monthly deposits have crossed the threshold for gold bar ownership, Acre Gold will send your gold bar directly to you, so that you retain possession of your assets and can manage them as you see fit.

Why Does Gold Quality Matter?

The purity of the gold you buy when investing is crucial, and physical gold for savings and investment purposes is far different than simply getting some 14-karat gold jewelry. Gold is frequently mixed with other metals to help harden it since pure gold is so soft that the beautiful stamps can be damaged.

The problem is since gold is sold by weight and is so incredibly valuable, you want to be sure that for the price you’re paying you are getting as pure a grade of gold as you can. This means you need to find gold that is at least 99.95% pure, meaning there are no other metals mixed in.

The Highest Quality Gold Comes From Acre Gold

All of the gold bars you receive from Acre Gold have been refined to the highest purity in the gold industry, .9999 pure fine gold. Not only is their gold the highest purity available on the market, but it is beautifully packaged to maintain its appearance since high-purity gold is so malleable. The bar itself is stamped with Acre Gold’s logo and the weight on the obverse and stamped with a beautiful geometric design on the reverse.

Acre Gold Makes Gold Affordable

In the past, investing in gold has frequently been cost-prohibitive for many people. In some situations, you could work with a private gold broker or in some cases banks like Credit Suisse to buy gold bars, but in these scenarios, the options for investing were relatively limited. In most cases, the investor would need to be prepared to order at least a 10 oz gold bar, gold Krugerrands, or 1 kg gold bars, which could mean a minimum investment deposit of between $20,000 and $50,000 or more.

Acre Gold is changing this model by making physical gold far more accessible and affordable to those that simply cannot invest significant sums of many thousands of dollars at once. By paying a nominal one-time fee anyone can open a gold investment account with them, and by depositing monthly contributions of $30, $50, or even $100 they can be well on their way to their first gold bar.

To make it even simpler, and to offer more customization to the individual’s savings or investment plans, Acre Gold also offers different gold bar denominations. To ensure that there are deposit options for nearly everyone, you can choose to have your contributions count towards taking possession of either a 2.5g, a 5g, or a 10g gold bar.

By saving with Acre Gold, you can be one of the few people that get to hold their own gold bars in their hands, feeling the weight of their solid investment decisions come to fruition.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Gold Bar?

When you open an account with Acre Gold, you can pick the denomination of the gold bar that you will be working toward, as well as your monthly contribution. There are several different options for both deposits and bar denominations, but generally speaking, most investors will see their first bar after only a few months of saving.

If a more aggressive savings stance is taken, you may be able to invest in 2-3 gold bars per year. This adds up quickly, and before you know it you may be looking for a bigger bar.

Getting The Highest Quality Gold From Acre Gold

If you are considering putting some savings into gold or diversifying your investments to include gold, you aren’t alone. By saving with Acre Gold you can make your regular contributions count for more than they would with other companies, getting more gold in your hands, faster, and with fewer fees involved.