Google Account Manager APK | Latest Version 2022

Google Account Manager APK

Download Google account manager is now available to the public. So you can easily download this excellent application directly from the internet. When you are going to download, select the most advanced release app version to download. Here you can use the google account manager 6.0 apk version. Follow the app download link immediately to download Google Account Manager 6.0 apk to your smart Android. 

We provide you with an easy app download link, and here you can quickly enjoy all the facilities included there using your smartphone. 

What is Google Account Manager?

Google developed Google account manager, and it is a utility app. The primary purpose of introducing this app is to avoid a factory reset on your smart Android. For that, you must provide the google account username and password.

When concerned about this application deeply, it provides you with outstanding security when hackers try to get access to their smartphones. To gain access, they need to enter their username and password.  

But in some cases, you have to do a factory reset. When users forget the Google Account Manager password, it helps them overcome that problem by acting as a supportive medium that produces multiple data communication among the Google Account as well as your smartphone.

The Google account manager app is smaller at about 7.9MB in size. The app code is here 23. To use this application, your device must have a minimum RAM of about 512MB. If your Android is compatible with Android Marshmallow 6.0 or above, you can download the google account manager app.

Google Account Manager FRP

The Google account manager was released to avoid factory reset security to your Android smartphone.

So if you have forgotten your created username and password that you have logged into your smartphone, you can use the Google Account Manager app as it will support users to bypass the security feature as well as allow millions of users to factory reset your smartphone.

Google account manager comes with the possibility to respectively manage several Google accounts. It can sync all the information among all Google devices. Google Account Manager helps users manage their Google Account and all their apps.

Latest Features – Google Account Manager FRP 

Now you can find multiple features that come with Google Account Manager FRP. So let’s see the latest opportunities to use this wonderful application and its features. 

Available for Free 

Now you can freely download Google account manager. No money is needed here. Users get the freedom to download it easily using the third-party app store. 

Smoothly Works well 

This wonderful application allows you to manage your Android devices with wide compatibility. It supports the Android 6.0 version and is above upto new Android version. 

Reliable Application 

Google Account Manager is Android based. This is developed by the app developers. It is safe to use with your smart device. It does not contain any risk to Android or internet problems. Also, this app will not lose your data using this google account.

User Friendly

This is a simple app with a clean UI. So anyone can easily use the tool without any messing. The app navigation is highly recommended. You can use this application to bypass your Android device factory reset security using this Google Account Manager app. Using this app, it is possible to handle multiple accounts simultaneously.  


All data in apps and games are automatically synced when logging into your new Google account. In addition, now you have the option to delete those inactive accounts.

Does Google Account Manager Support My Mobile?

The Goole Account Manager application comes with wide device compatibility. It supports a massive collection of Android device series, including,

  • Alcatel
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung GalaxyS5, Samsung GalaxyS6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, Samsung Galaxy J7 prime, Samsung ON5, ON^, ON7, ON8, ON9, Samsung Galaxy A5, A6, A7, A8, A9
  • Motorola
  • Sony Xperia
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Google Nexus 
  • HTC
  • Google Pixel Phones (all versions)

With Google Account Manager now, it is possible to add an additional layer of device security to your smart Android device while syncing all the related data among devices using email and password. Now it is possible to bypass device factory reset protection especially. Therefore, Select this new option to download Google Account Manager on your Android smart device, and you can really enjoy these features.

Google Account Manager APK

Google Account Manager 6.0 Apk 

Account Manager 6.0 Apk is a wonderful update that was released to bypass the device lock after your Android device reset using a recovery mode, or it is possible to use a wonderful custom ROM. 

Google Play Services / Account Manager will capture the overall event and support users in verifying their Google Accounts.

Now you can use this Account Manager 6.0 Apk to bypass the Google account Manager FRP lock error. 

When using the App for FRP, bypass is supported by Android Marshmallow and upwards. While using it, you will get an error of “Enter email and password.”

That’s why the Google Account Manager needs to be installed on your Android device to quickly get access to the new update of Google Account information.

Google Account Manager 6.0 Apk for Android Free Download

  • App Category: Apps, Tools
  • App By: Google
  • App Version: v6.0.1 for Android
  • Updated On: Jul 02, 2022

Google Account Manager Download

This Google Account Manager app allows users to download a variety of apps. So you can freely enjoy it very much. In public there, you can find several Google Account managing apps. Among them, Google Account Manager is a 100% recommended application with tons of benefits. This is entirely free and possible to download freely via your web browser. 

To download the application, you can now follow simple instructions. By following them, you can enjoy app download. So let’s see how to download Google Account Manager. 

To download the Application,

  • Step01. Follow the app download link that we attached above. It lets you easily download the application via the link and supports free download. 
  • Step02. To begin the app download, tap on the link. Then you can quickly get access to the official website. Tap on the Download button here. Now the app download process begins. To complete the app download it will take several seconds. 
  • Step03. After the app download process is completed, you have to enable your device’s unknown sources option. For that, open device settings > Security > enable device unknown sources option. 
  • Step04. Now open your device download folder. There you can find the downloaded apk file. Tap on it. Then tap on install.
  • Step05. Agree to app terms and conditions to continue the app installation. It will take another second to complete the installation. 

Finally, you have done it.

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