Search engines are key in determining the success of a hotel business and, of course, Google is the main reference.

In addition to being the search engine par excellence, Google offers additional features that help businesses to improve their online presence. One of the main ones is Google My Business, a real key to successful hotel marketing. In addition to being completely free, this tool grants access to many business opportunities. Furthermore, creating a Google My Business account is a crucial step to improve your positioning in the SERPs.

Let’s see below what are the advantages that hotels derive from an effective presence on this important marketing tool.

Google My Business, the key to proximity marketing

On Google My Business, you can list your hotel’s name, address, and telephone number, create your location on Google Maps, add your best photos, view guest reviews, prices, and any offers. Furthermore, thanks to the button that refers directly to the website, in addition to the one that allows you to call, Google My Business is essential for proximity searches.

In fact, this tool opens an important communication channel and, if you carefully take care of the data entered on the profile, the chances of conversion increase considerably. If potential guests want to clarify any doubts that could negatively affect the decision, they can get in touch with the structure and get an immediate response. Even if a structure is already present and active on other channels, such as social networks, nothing replaces the indexing and completeness of the information on Google My Business, especially for a hotel, an activity that is highly sought after on Maps.

Reviews and prices: two levers of Google My Business

More and more users decide to book a hotel based on reviews, and on Google, the stars and rankings are indices to pay attention to. Google My Business listing allows hoteliers to see guest reviews, tracking the main factor acting as a decision-making lever for potential guests. Responding to reviews in a timely manner shows that you take the experience of your guests seriously, especially in the case of negative opinions. It is a great practice to show your proactivity in dealing with problems, especially considering the reviews that appear in the search results.

The price comparator is another important tool: for example, a property might offer the best price for a stay, but how would potential guests know without Google My Business during a quick search? In fact, when someone searches on Google for a hotel, thanks to the “price information” function, it is possible to compare the options and see the best rates. Even when a user searches for another hotel, My Business can invite the user to view alternatives with better rates, which would also include their own property.