Bay windows are exciting architectural additions to your home. From the outside, they are seen protruded making your house from the walls. These types of windows are more prevalent in older homes. Still, nowadays, many contemporary homes are also installing them for the obvious benefits they offer.

Many times, you must have seen windows sticking out, especially in old and Victorian type houses. We are not familiar with having bay windows at home. Bay windows are a great addition to your home as they add extra space to any room you install. The extra space they offer can be utilised to put a couch or enlarge your living space. They are generally square or polygonal with many panes. This invites more sunlight into your living space as well.

After setting up bay windows, the challenge of how to install curtains or blinds arise. As there are more than one windows involved, and they are placed at an angle to each other, it becomes all the more complicated.

There are two types of setting up curtain tracks:

  • Set up curtain rods to frame the whole bay
  • Install individual rods to frame windows individually

There are many retailers for curtain tracks India that offer a wide range of products and even custom-made office window curtains. Before choosing a setup, you haveto consider a few things:

  • The Shape of the Bay: There are many types of window bays like Canted, Oriel, Box-style and Bow-style.Your curtain track will rely onthe nature of the bay. For instance, bow-style windows can’t have individual curtains but rod to cover the whole bay. Similarly, Canted and Oriel are similar in how they look. Still, the cumulative frame is more suitable for Canted style window.
  • The Overall Size of the Bay: The size of the bay will have a massive say in which type of curtain tracks you install. If the bay size is big with more than 4 or 5 individual windows, having different frames, it will give you more autonomy and freedom over sunlight and privacy. If you have a smaller size bay, individual frames will only increase your cost and inconvenience.
  • Lighting of the Room: Not just the number of curtains, but also the material and opacity of the blinds will depend on how much light you want to enter your room. Rooms like the kitchen and living rooms are better with more lighting. Bedrooms and bathrooms are better off with thick blinds as privacy is an essential factor. Having individual window curtains will give you more freedom to do this.
  • Room in Which the Bay Window Is Situated: Bay windows are best suited for living rooms and porches as they give more space in the living rooms and more lighting. But they are not limited to only these. Many have installed floor-to-ceiling windows in bedrooms. In living rooms, sperate window blinds for individual windows are the norm. For the bedroom, it can go either way as to use a single rod for the whole bay or select curtains for windows.
  • The Level of Privacy You Want: Privacy plays a vital role in selecting the type of frame. If you don’t want the prying eyes of your neighbours, you are better suitable for window frames that cover the whole bay area. Many prefer frames, which cover entire bay in bedrooms.

Now that you have decided which frame to use to cover your window bay, you should start thinking about curtains. Measuring curtains for bay windows is a task in itself. Here are the steps you have to follow when measuring drapes:

  • Identify the Placement of Curtains: Placing curtains inside the window frame or outside the window frame is essential when measuring the curtain lengths. Other parameters include material of the curtain to select the type of curtain rod or frame.
  • Length and Width: Dimensions are especially crucial for bay windows. You can choose your curtains to be of the exact dimensions of your window or gently touching the floor. When measuring the width, you have to take measurements of each panel. It is advisable to add 2 inches to the window measurements.
  • Number of Panels: You don’t need to have individual curtains for every window pane. You can group panes at the same level and use a single curtain frame and curtain to cover the window.
    Bay windows are generally seen in old mansions. But this trend is now rapidly catching up, and many homeowners are setting up bay windows. There are many interior décor agents where you can get everything from curtains to curtain tracks India. They provide end-to-end services for both home and office window curtains. Selecting the right service provider is important as the home renovation is not done often.