Everybody is aware of headgears playing a crucial role in adding a dash of style to a formal suit. They go together like bread and butter, thereby elevating the elegance of the individual wearing it. You can pair a stylish suit with your favorite hat and take your sense of fashion to the next level. However, a man must acquire adequate knowledge about what goes perfectly with his tailored suit.

Here are a few trendiest hat styles to complement your formal attire:

Win the game with the classic Fedora

The Classic Fedora hat has been trending since its inception in 1900. Since fedoras are unavailable in wide-ranging materials and styles, it is an ideal combination with your formal suit. Fedoras are a soft brimmed hat showcasing an indented ground that is pinched at the top. Owing to its popularity, it is the most common accessory that men prefer with ethnic wear. The versatility of Fedora hat styles leaves the wearer with the freedom to choose from different colors and materials. A fedora hat made from wool or felt shall keep you warm and stylish during the chilly winter months.

Make your style distinctive by opting for a unique hat

If you are looking forward to making an eclectic choice and adding character to your style on a formal occasion, a homburg hat is ideal for you. Acquiring its origin from homburg in Germany, such styles were adopted from the Emperors and Kings and carried down to several generations. Homburg headgear is a standout style making it a striking combination with your formal wear. It gets characterized by an accentuated brim and a dented crown and gets covered with hat bands. Such a distinctive accessory might be the perfect choice for your formal outfit.

Create a lasting impression with pork pie hats

The Pork Pie headgear is a part of ancient days and gets carried down through several generations. It owes its popularity to the entertainment industry. From film stars of the 19th-century to the 21st-century celebrities, Pork pie hats have been notoriously successful. In other words, The headgear encompasses a flat crown and small brim, providing the wearer with a sleek and smart appearance in a suit. It is made from excellent quality wool and is available in three colors, offering an ideal combination for your formal wear.

Maintain your sophistication with ivy caps

Ivy caps are the right choice for individuals who want the entire focus on their formal attire. Such an accessory remains understated while your suit acquires focus as the whole. It gets designed with a flat head and stiff edges that bring about sophistication in the wearer’s appearance. Due to availability in wide-ranging materials, such hat style is a traditional part of any formal attire. You can choose from a large section of colors to suit your needs.

Look classy with a distinctive top hat

However, Top hats are a part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a must-have for men who often wear a suit to every formal occasion. It helps individuals uplift their sense of style, evolving them into a modern dapper with their appearance. While most people think that top hats exaggerate a contemporary outfit, the reality is different. Top hats offer a classic style and have gained popularity as a fashion staple among celebrities. You can also choose from wide-ranging styles, some of which have a temporary crown for a more understated look.

Uplift your personality with trilby headgear

The style of hat you choose to compliment your tradition portrays a lot about your personality. Hence, men who create a sporting vibe and represent a carefree attitude must go for a bohemian trilby. If you are hunting for fashionable headgear similar to a Fedora, you can go for this. However, trilby hats have a short brim and are without an indented crown. Many people prefer wearing designer suits, and a trilby adds a perfect pop to it if you are looking for an accessory to liven up your attire subtly, such as a spectacular hat style. Next time you wish to stand out from the rest on a formal occasion, grab a trilby hat on the way to your meeting.

Look mysterious with a bowler hat

Bowler hats are an expression of famous personalities of places across the globe. It has been a style staple in the world of hats.   It compasses a medium-sized crown with a short brim mostly made of felt. Although bowler hats are far from providing a gentleman look, it brings about a sense of mystery when paired with a formal suit. It is the perfect choice for individuals looking out for a sophisticated look at a business event. Team up your favorite bowlers with a three-piece case to get many eyes rolling at you. You can also have a cane in your hand to be sassy and confident.

It is natural to feel underdressed for an event of you being hatless, thanks to the gaining popularity of headgears.

Go ahead and cherry-pick your favorite hat style for a sassy look at your next formal event. Stay tuned to the latest hat trends and accessorize your next outfit with fashionable headgear. However, These headgears are a mandatory piece of accessories for people who are primarily in their formals.