I work as a digital marketing expert, implementer and educator in a reputable digital marketing agency. I am at my best in large entities that combine my strategic expertise, creative and analytical thinking about marketing implementation, brainstorming and content marketing. Here I would like to tell you about certain highlights of Instagram Stories.

Did you post content on Instagram that you would like to keep and see for longer? To do this, the Instagram profile has a “highlights” feature. You can create your own categories for highlights based on services, products, or other current content.

Did you post diamond content to your stories and not want the content to disappear in a day? You can give your content an extension at the highlights of your Instagram profile. Instagram Stories Highlights are stories published on Instagram that appear above the images on a user’s profile. These highlights will only be removed when the administrator deletes them, even if the publication has disappeared from the stories 24 hours after publication.

Tip! From the settings, make sure the stories you post to Instagram are archived: Settings >> privacy >> story >> archive. This archive is private and visible only to the user. You can also access the settings from the menu at the top right of the archive.

Creating a new highlight

You can create a new highlight, a category, from your own Instagram profile. Below the profile information, you will find a “new” icon with a + sign. You can also create a highlight when you are adding a story to the highlights.

When you create the first highlight, select the appropriate image for the category, add a name for the highlight, and click “done”. When you add the first story, it automatically becomes the cover art of the highlight.

Adding a story to the highlight

As an expert in an SEO company, I hereby tell you that, you can add a story by highlighting it as soon as the story is published. At the bottom of the video and image content of the story is a “highlight” button, after which the selected content can be added to the desired highlight. You can add one or more stories to a highlight, and a single story can be included in more than one highlight.

If you want to add a story later, go to the stories archive on your profile. The image remains in the highlights as long as its “highlight” is removed.

How do I edit a highlight or add an Instagram highlight cover image?

Once you’ve created a highlight, you can edit the name of the highlight, the cover image, or copy its link by briefly pressing the icon for the selected highlight. You can create your own personalized cover images for highlights to easily see their contents. These can be, for example, the company’s products or services, staff presentations or other current content.

To delete a highlight, press the highlight icon, then the menu> “delete highlight” opens.

Please note:  These instructions are implemented on an Android phone. The same functionality can also be found on iPhone, but the menu locations and menu names may differ from the examples above.