What kind of a person are you? Classy, stylish, fun-loving, nature-lover, or adventurous? The truth is, your home reflects your personality. Your emotions and feelings are purely exhibited through each décor or furniture you choose while fashioning your perfect home.

Subtle yet impressive personal touches not only elevate the look of the home but imparts a lot about your personality, work sphere, and walk of life. Be it an antique chandelier, an abstract showpiece, the geometric cushion design, or the rustic sheer curtains, they all represent your personal style.

Decorating your home is fun and that too following your own decorating style makes it an ultimate pleasure. Here’s how you can adorn your space according to your personality type with these appealing home design ideas.

Contemporary – Flexible, enthusiastic to experiment, and classy is what defines you. They also love to keep up with the latest trend. The style may include a wide-ranging decor that mixes up modern accessories and antique pieces that has a unique story to tell. You can choose layered textures and patterned soft furnishings.

Minimalist – This personality type is elegant, confident, self-controlled, and is most likely drawn to neat lines, simple order, and minimalism. Add warmth to your space with a sculptural accessory, textured rug, natural finish wood, or a few potted plants and it even works wonders in apartments where space is limited. Use natural colors and let sunlight brighten your home.

Charismatic – People who identify with this home design style are extroverted, social, artistic, and have a flair for collecting things that are kind of unique. This aesthetic refers to a home design style that includes bold colors, metallic touches, exuberant fabrics, and even animal prints. Warm energetic colors are a favorite in this design style.

Vintage – For the love of relics, for the love that has an old school charm, and for those who love to take a piece of history as they move on. Vintage décor resembles everything that is rustic, antique, and characterized by an epoch of time. These living spaces carry people to a bygone era, giving them the royal feel. Whether it is the handloom décor or luxurious cashmere carpets- This home décor style is full of drama so make a statement with plush sofas and furry rugs brought together with a modern twist to traditional designs.

Zen – This is a modern version of the traditional Japanese Zen-inspired aesthetics that is currently popular. It is all about creating a balanced, lyrical, and soothing atmosphere for calming down oneself. This design style is well-suited to people who are simple, positive, energetic, and organized but its sheer simplicity is most likely to appeal to a wide range of personality types. Ample daylight and warm lighting along with headroom for open spaces are a few key elements of this style.

It is important to make sure that your home exactly reflects your personality as you want to feel “at home” in your home and that can be only attained by harmonizing your home space with who you are and what you love. By this means, making your home unique just the way you are. So let your spirit infuse your home!