• HostGator has recently implemented a new feature to its cPanel web hosting control panel: the ability for website owners to create a custom username and password for their email. Previously, cPanel users were unable to do this. But the company says that it was too complicated for the service and that in the future the feature will be enabled for all its cPanel accounts. Until then, HostGator customers who have not yet set up cPanel as their main control panel can use this new feature until they do.

Most businesses use a webmail service such as Yahoo or Hotmail to provide their employees with access to their emails. However, many companies also use an email server such as. Hotmail or Gmail to provide their employees with full access to their emails. By using a server login, these companies can take advantage of both options. They won’t have to change their email providers and they won’t have to provide their employees with a unique username and password.

How to Use WHM to Get Your Own CPanel Powered Webhosting Site

One of the advantages of using cPanel is that you don’t have to write a new log in a form every time you add a new email account. Instead, you can copy and paste the instructions for your existing email into the Hostgator Portal. Even if you don’t have a webmail provider yet, HostGator gives you the option of setting up one for free.  And then copying the instructions for that in the cpanel documentation. This is a very simple process that takes only a few minutes.

But if you already have an email… you’ll want to take another look at HostGator. While cPanel provides a basic account management system, HostGator offers much more. With HostGator’s VPS (virtual private servers), you can create multiple virtual servers from a single physical server. That means you can maintain two mailboxes on one VPS and use two email service providers on each of those mailboxes. You can have two websites on each VPS.

In addition to the basic email features VPS. can also be used to provide different levels of access to your site. You can use wildcard FTP access so that anyone with a web browser can login as ‘root’. You can also have access as ‘read-only’ or ‘read-only’ for specific applications. Finally, you can use what is known as an “external program” to do things like install software on your VPS. This is something that most VPS users will never have to use, but if you need it there are HostGator support professionals that will be glad to assist you.

One of the features

that most people enjoy with HostGator is the add-on product called WHM (Web Hosting Manager). WHM provides you with an interface for managing and customizing all aspects of your VPS including access, programs, and mail. Hostgator supports everything that WHM can do and more.  And the best thing about it is that it is included in your hosting plan! You don’t need to purchase any additional tools to use WHM. and if you don’t need any of the added features it is completely free.

There are other minor features that are important to know if you are going to be using HostGator for anything that requires webmail. The first one is the ability to change the user name for the webmail interface. When you log in the webmail interface you are given a user name and you always have the option of changing it. If you don’t want to have to remember a user name and you don’t want to have to enter it every time. you log in you should set the default user name in place of your own. If you don’t know or if you are not comfortable entering a user name, there are many other options that you can choose from.

Now you know what Hostgator has to offer in the way of cPanel and how it integrates with WHM. All of the major cPanel hosting plans come with cPanel support but Hostgator offers a premium cpanel. package that will enable you to fully utilize the functionality of WHM as well as cPanel support. This advanced hosting package will enable you to install the cPanel plus the WHM client software with just a few simple mouse clicks. I would highly recommend that you take a look at the Hostgator Login with WHM CDL tutorial. It will walk you through step by step the installation of the HostGator.”Login with WHM” tool which provides an overview of the entire process. Once you have the cPanel installed and set up, you will never have to use the login feature from HostGator again!