How Doctor on Call home Service Benefit people with diabetes?


Jul 26, 2022

Diagnosed with diabetes? You must have a lot of concerns and questions. Worry not. A doctor at home Dubai is just what you need to put these concerns to rest and get all your questions about your condition.

Whether you are dealing with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, you must have complete knowledge of the condition. Diabetes is detrimental to your health; we all know that. But we don’t know at this point that a dedicated diabetes health care team helps you overcome the challenges of your everyday life. On Call Doctor Dubai offers holistic healthcare services so you can thrive regardless of your medical condition. This service assures that the best possible care is available for patients.

Diabetes Care Program 

  • People with diabetes require the help of different medical care professionals and specialists. The program aims to optimize health care opportunities for the patients. You don’t need attention only from your endocrinologist, but you need a full-fledged program. The goal is to:
  •  Monitor your blood glucose level
  • Help you with proper medication management
  • Plan timely follow up
  • Offer advance, guides, and tips on healthy lifestyle
  • Bring nutrition and diet info
  • Awareness of illness

How Doctor on Call at Home Dubai Help you Manage Your Diabetes?

Many people independently handle their diabetes, while others rely on medical care professionals. The fact is you alone can’t manage it all, especially when you have work and kids to manage as well. It would be best if you had a team by your side to help you get through the difficult phase of life and prevent serious illness.

Doctor on call Dubai offers easy access to your personal healthcare team, including diabetes education, dietitian, dentist, diabetes doctor, exceptional diabetes nurses, general physicians, internal medicine physicians, etc.

Members of the Diabetic Health Care team

Before you make the most of on call doctor service, you should know what team member helps you need per your situation. Here are some members of the health care team ready to assist you.

Diabetes specialist (diabetologist or endocrinologist)

If you need a specialist’s immediate help, you should get it through on call doctor Dubai service. Write down all the questions you have regarding your condition. Instead of going through the hassle of visiting a hospital or clinic, wait at your space and let experts come to help you. Isn’t that a fantastic service to avail yourself given your medical condition?

Registered dietitian

You need to take full care of your diet and nutrition. Keeping a severe check on what you eat or drink is essential. It would be best if you had exceptional dietitian support when you are diagnosed with diabetes. That specialist will explain and guide you about your regular diet. And also offer you a diet plan that you need to stick to.

Registered podiatrist (foot specialist)

Your home nurse in Dubai will perform a regular check on your foot and legs. However, you should book an appointment with doctors in Dubai who are foot specialists once a year.

An eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

You don’t need to see an eye expert regularly. However, it’s always recommended to plan a yearly screening. Doctor on call Dubai service is convenient. You will book an appointment with an ophthalmologist, and that professional will do the test at your place. Here is no need to go anywhere.

Qualified Pharmacist

You may have to adjust your medicine from time to time. In that scenario, a pharmacist can offer you good advice.

Mental Health professional

It might sound a bit weird, but when you are dealing with routine medication for diabetes, this routine will take a toll on your mental health. You may face severe emotional issues because keeping up with daily challenges will become tricky. You may feel like giving up on this regular treatment. When you feel down, don’t think for a moment of giving up but go with the doctor on call service in Dubai. Expert medical health care professionals are ready to assist you.

Nursing Assistant

This assistant can make a positive change in your challenging lifestyle. They keep a proper check and balance on what patients eat. They perform a regular check on the patient’s blood sugar level and keep a proper record. They look for diabetic emergencies and ensure that patient doesn’t have to face hypoglycaemia.


You can book appointments with a caregiver if you rely on your family members for regular check-ups of your blood sugar level and your condition. That expert will schedule insulin therapy for your family member. They tell you when they need to check blood sugar and how to administer insulin properly.

Diabetes Educator

You would have many questions when facing a continuous medical issue in your life. So, it’s always suggested to book an appointment with a doctor on call service. You would be calling a diabetes educator. That expert will answer all your questions and tell you what you exactly need to do.

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