Scoring high in the class 7 English exam is not a very tough job. Students who make proper study plans, study regularly, and follow a correct strategy can score more than 80% easily. If you are a class 7 student and want to ace the English exam well, this article will guide you step by step to achieve your target.

To score high in your exam, you need to study each chapter of your English book well. There is a total of 10 chapters in your book, namely- The Tiny Teacher, Bringing up Kari, The Desert, The Cop, And The Anthem, Golu Grows a Nose, I Want Something in a Cage, Chandni, The Bear Story, A Tiger in The House and An Alien Hand. Read each chapter, understand them, and practice the questions, again and again, to succeed in your exam. If you read with curiosity and sheer interest, you will retain the necessary information more than those who just read to get marks in the exam. In your exam, both objective and subjective questions will be asked. While any student can answer the questions from the former category if they read the text thoroughly. However, to answer the questions of the second type, one needs to understand the text deeply, because these are opinion-based questions.

How To Ace Your Next class 7 English Test: Do not neglect grammar

While most of the students find grammar to be uninteresting, if you want to score well in the exam, and develop your knowledge of the English language overall, you need to give it enough time and effort. In class 7 English, you have Determiners, Linking Words, Adverbs of place and time, Tense forms, Clauses, Passivization, Adjectives (Comparative and Superlative), Modal Auxiliaries, Word order in sentence types, and Reported speech. You need to understand the concepts well and practice from different resources to score full marks in this section.

Read the rules from your Grammar books, solve the exercises and get them checked by your teacher. Look through your notebook, again and again, to identify where you made mistakes, and be careful about not making the same mistakes in the exam. You can study grammar with your friends before the exam so that your confusion gets cleared. Revision notes are especially helpful to look through the key rules of grammar with examples and exceptions at a glance.

How To Ace Your Next class 7 English Test: Study regularly

There can be no other option for you to get high marks in English in the exam than to study the subject regularly. English consists of several sections like reading, writing, understanding the meaning in-depth, and being accurate in grammar. Each of these skills can only be developed through consistent practice. Prepare answers for every question in the NCERT. The more you practice the less will be your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Do not just write, make sure you review them and do not make the same mistakes again. Set aside enough time for revising.

Make your notes instead of mugging that made by your teacher. This habit will help you, in the long run, to understand a concept deeply and reflect upon it effectively. It works for the subjects you learn, not only English. The more time you give to English reading, writing, and practicing grammar, the more command you gain on the subject. Study English for at least 2 hours every day before the exam.

Throughout your session, make a habit to revise weekly what you have learned in the previous week. Make revision notes as you study while you study for a quick revision before your English exam. You can write down the word meanings and even the list of names of the authors in your revision notebook too.

How To Ace Your Next class 7 English Test: Solve previous years questions

This tip is the key to success for any exam. You will only understand what are your strong areas and where you lag once you solve the previous year’s questions. You must solve at least 5 previous years’ question papers to understand the question pattern, your preparation level, and learn time management skills as well. For the latter, you need to solve an entire paper in one go under the exam-like time conditions.

How To Ace Your Next class 7 English Test: Prepare according to the question pattern

As you go through the previous year’s question paper, notice the question pattern carefully. In the reading section, you will be given one or two passages to read and will be asked to solve questions from those passages. It may include short answer type questions, true and false, match the following or fill in the blanks. This section judges how attentive you are, your ability to scan and skim necessary information and whether you can understand the meanings in depth.

The passages might be taken from some famous writings, newspapers, journals, etc. When you are reading, try to find out the inner meaning, and the attitude of the writer from his/her opinion. It will be easy for you to score marks here if you are an avid reader. Even if you are not very interested in reading anything outside your textbooks, make a habit to read some light books at least for 10 minutes every day.

The habit of reading is necessary to develop writing skills as well, because the more you read, the more flourished your vocabulary gets, and the better you become at writing. You will get 3 sub-sections in the writing portion of your paper. Those are notice writing, report writing, and an essay. For the first two types of writings, you need to remember the format and practice well.

There will be part-marking, so you can score well easily. The only way to write a good essay is to read from different sources and practice writing every day. To avoid making mistakes, try to write in short, simple sentences.

If you follow these tips throughout your session, you will ace your English exam well for sure.

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