Redoing your house? Or adding new stuff to perk up an old room? Have you picked out the window treatments yet? No! the perfect window treatment for your house.

The beauty of window treatments lies in the many options to choose from. modern touch to your traditional place or more privacy to your bedroom, shutters and blinds can help you with all. Contrary to the misconception that many have, blinds and shutters aren’t expensive. You can get many styles and textures in a very affordable range as well. For families with young kids, you also have the option of going cordless; this keeps any mishaps from occurring. Cordless blinds are suggested mainly due to the child safety feature it offers.

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Window Treatment For Your House?

Difference Between Shades And Blinds:

Another widespread misconception is that there is no difference between shades and blinds. The main difference between the two is the material they are made of. Raw material like wood, metal as well as composite is used to give blinds the hard structure they have, whereas most common types of shades are made with fabric-based material. Hence they add a soft touch to your room.

Features To Consider Before Choosing Shades Or Blinds For Your Home:

Privacy: Not all blinds, shutters and shades come with the same amount of privacy. So, you might need a little research as to which style offers the most privacy if that’s what you are looking for. Compared to blinds, shades give you more privacy, so is that’s what you are after we suggest you check out heavy drapes.

Light: For most people, the amount of light they want or not is the deciding factor. Whether you are looking for an airy and well room or a cozy and gloomy space, the material will be the deciding factor. Both blinds and shades can give you blackout as well.

Budget: since the cost of window treatments is calculated through their size; you can easily adjust them to your budget. If you are remolding the whole house, you might want to scale your buying. Go for heavy ones in main rooms and cut back on material in smaller places like bathroom, pantry and kitchen. The materials, as well as certain patterns, also add to the cost of the blinds and shades. However, they are relatively cheaper than other options in the market.

Maintenance: The best feature of blinds and shades is that they are low maintenance. However, they are also dust magnets. But since it’s relatively easy to clean those, most people aren’t bothered about the fact that they need regular cleaning. But, if you are choosing to get shades, things might get a bit difficult for you. Shades are better at concealing dust, and regular vacuuming will keep them clean, but in case of a bugger mess or spill, you will require professional help.

Décor: the existing décor of your house can be another deciding factor if you are adding treatment to an already furnished house. For a modern setting, go for metal and motorized blinds, however, if you have rustic décor, wooden blinds will suit you the best.

Why Choose Blinds?

Blinds are best for those who like to have options in their life. as less light you want by opening and closing the slats. If you want both light and privacy as in bedrooms and bathrooms, you can turn the slats down, but keep them open that way, you get both privacy as well as natural light. such as vinyl, aluminum, faux wood and natural wood. The downside of blinds is that the slats attract dust and grime that can be a bit tedious to clean.

Why choose Shades?

Shades are best for people who are looking for effortless styling and versatility. With the help of many textures, patterns and colors available, you can create almost any look. The many types of fabrics available, give you control over light and privacy as well. They also add a cozy and soft touch to all rooms. The downside of choosing shades is that you will need to clean them regularly to get that fresh look. For vinyl shades, hand washing is the best option, and for Fabric shades, you will need either a small vacuum or professional cleaning.