Featured snippets are selected search results that are displayed on Google at the top of all other results. These excerpts from the content of found websites are information that, in the opinion of the search engine, most likely answer the question asked. They occupy the “position zero”, which means that with featured snippets you can be displayed before websites that normally have a higher Google ranking. The condition is that your content answers the user question as precisely as possible. However, only websites that are on page one of the Google SERPs are considered for featured snippets. An optimized and professionally managed websiteis therefore a condition for Voice Search SEO with Featured Snippets. Featured snippets were primarily developed for mobile devices whose displays can only show a few search results at a time. Most voice assistants even only show one result, for example with the Alexa search.

Google shows featured snippets in different variants:

  • As a text section:
    Google often shows an answer box with a text excerpt for search queries. For example, the definition of a searched term found on a highly ranked website on the topic. This is a direct copy of the relevant section, which is read out in full by the voice assistant.
  • As a list:
    Depending on the structure of the target page, featured snippets can also be displayed as a list. This is always the case if the information you are looking for is listed on your source page as step-by-step instructions or as a listing. For example, the work steps of a cooking recipe can be recognized at a glance. However, space is limited. Often the entire list is not displayed and the user has to visit the page to get all the information.
  • As a table:
    Chronological data or comparisons of prices or performance data can also be displayed in tabular form. Here, too, only as much of the table is shown as fits into the snippet.
  • As a video:
    tutorial videos are often helpful, especially when looking for solutions. These or other videos for other searches can appear directly in the featured snippet.

In addition, it should be noted that Google also displays images of the relevant posts in the featured snippets. Their headline, description and content should ideally support the content. A note: Google often looks for images from other websites to add to a snippet. You have no direct influence on whether Google considers your content for featured snippets. What you can do, however, is optimize your content for voice search SEO so well that the search engine has enough potentially worthy posts available.

Basically, the following measures must be taken to optimize content for featured snippets, Google voice control and voice search SEO.

When searching by voice, users mainly ask W questions : What does a cruise cost? Where can I find the nearest public toilet? When does the next screening start? Find out prominent keywords and search queries that you can answer with your content. The search queries you are optimizing your content for should require extensive explanations. Questions that can be answered in just a few words are less suitable. Observe trends and new developments in the areas in which your competence lies. Make sure that content is strongly linked to your company location in order to occupy the local search results.

Make sure that your content is well-structured and strong . Google rates extensively and clearly prepared content higher. A guide should really list all possible solutions in clearly understandable steps. Put all your knowledge into each post to increase the chance of being selected for a featured snippet.

Every main keyword of possible search queries should be written out in the H1 heading and preferably in at least one subheadline. The part in which the request is answered should follow directly after the H1 headline. You can at least influence which area of ​​the text would be displayed in the answer box of the snippet. You can use HTML to set appropriate tags that mark the section of text to be used.

Search queries should be answered as comprehensively as possible, but this should be done in concise and easily understandable words . This allows more information to be included in the snippet. 50-60 words is a good guideline for the highlighted portion of your content. The article in question can of course be longer and answer the question in detail again. After all, after clicking on the link in the featured snippet, users should stay on your page.

Spoken queries to Google voice control and other voice assistants are usually made in full sentences. The users talk to their device as if they were asking another person a question: “Where can I still get baking powder from at this time?” With the classic text search, simply the word “baking powder” or gibberish like “buy baking powder at the supermarket” entered.

What are the technical requirements for Voice Search SEO?

Optimizing your content for Google Voice Search is the main part of Voice Search SEO. But there are also some technical factors to consider in order to improve your ranking. Take care of local search engine optimization Mumbai and sign up for Google My Business and relevant industry portals. Optimize all of your content for mobile viewing. You should also keep an eye on voice robots and other AI in content marketing , which you can use yourself to guarantee an optimal customer experience on your website.

The future is here

Google voice control, search queries via voice search and speech recognition are key technologies in the internet business of the coming years. Telephones and computers that are getting smarter and smarter require a fluid adaptation of SEO and marketing methods.

As before, the customer experience comes first. Meaningful, useful and professionally written content is more important than ever in the age of voice search. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about what you would ask a voice assistant yourself. Use Voice Search SEO to help Google or other language services to optimally understand your website.

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