I Swapped Alcohol For ‘psychedelic Water’ Popular With The Sober-curious

Good Mood Mix expands the company’s offerings from RTD to now embody RTM formats at a decrease per serving worth. “Good Mood Mix has the same quantity of kava per serving as Psychedelic Water, simply at a fraction of the price,” says CEO Pankaj Gogia. “[The microdose is] meant to reinforce your cognitive skills [in] the same way that microdosing with psilocybin [would],” he says. “It’s meant to mimic that, but in a authorized means.” In other words, there is not a possibility of a face-melting trip. So far, nevertheless, Psychedelic Water’s wonderful advantages can only be loved by Americans.

The model’s head of selling, Ben Rogul, added that whereas many might assume the sober-curious movement was most closely linked to health or wellness issues, another major issue was the need to be productive the next day. As someone who experiences worse hangovers than the average person, this was my major incentive to experiment with going alcohol-free. Its primary ingredient is kava, a root that’s been utilized by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years for its relaxing effects. With damiana leaves and green-tea extract, the drink is formulated to relieve nervousness, while offering a boost of power. That’s an excellent thing for a beverage hyped as “hangover-free,” although the claim is at odds with the company’s admonitions that you must never drive or function heavy gear after consuming Psychedelic Water. Additionally, you shouldn’t combine it with alcohol, eat it while pregnant or breast-feeding, drink greater than two cans a day, or mix it with medicines.

And despite my preliminary skepticism, I have to agree that the drink did have some psychedelic impact. Even if the drinks won’t induce a hallucinogenic trip, the creators are hoping they could be a gateway to a psychedelic future. “Psychedelic is not only about mushrooms and tripping out. Psychedelic is a state of mind,” Stein mentioned when I asked him what to anticipate. After making an attempt the drink, I understood why the holographic cans have gone viral on TikTok. I nicknamed it “influencer juice” as a result of I could not stop telling my associates how much I beloved it.

It will contain authorized useful mushrooms, like cordyceps, along with different nootropics that “mimic the results of microdosing with psilocybin.” The product shall be obtainable in two totally different flavors and are available in two-ounce pictures. As alcohol’s status takes a beating, Gogia needs to use the product as a path toward destigmatizing psychedelics, he mentioned. While saying no to consuming however yes to medicine could appear counterintuitive, the CEO mentioned psychedelics’ effects on the brain were totally different from these of alcohol, despite the precise fact that most people bucket all illegal drugs into the same harmfulness category. Traditional kava drinkers in Pacific cultures usually don’t report liver damage. Some Western kava customers, nevertheless, have reported numerous ranges of hepatotoxicity together with cirrhosis, hepatitis, and liver failure — though these results have been inconsistent across numerous studies.

For those that favor a, uh, stronger drink, Psychedelic Water is an organization to maintain your eye on. Rogul told us that the company is advocating for changes to the regulation that might allow for extra intense psychedelic merchandise to enter the market. Rogul says, “Ultimately, we need to open up the dialog and push for legal reform of illegal psychedelics.” Pop a can open and be left with a tongue-tingling feeling of happiness, mental readability, and artistic bliss. This gentle mood-boosting, non-alcoholic fusion of kava, turnera diffusa, and green tea will convey you a hangover-free expertise made to really feel good with out messing you up. Strong plant medication similar to psilocybin can serve as long-lasting therapies for psychological conditions like extreme melancholy.

Stick packs can easily be tossed right into a bag or purse, permitting Good Mood Mix to be enjoyed on the go or while travelling. The lightweight powder permits for extra efficient and less expensive transport, a win for the surroundings and shoppers alike. Currently, a pack of 14 sticks of Good Mood Mix is promoting for $29.99 on the company’s web site.