When creating or writing a speech outline, what matters is that you cover your points, define a goal, support it with evidence, and so on. Speech writing is rather a tedious process especially for those who are doing it for the first time.

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You will be immediately assigned a qualified writer that will take care of your speech writing needs. Those who want to learn the skill of writing speech outlines can use our steps.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to create a phenomenal speech outline:

Start with the introduction

  • Greet your audience: Acknowledge your audience and welcome them as your listeners.
  • Include a hook to attract your listeners: The very first few lines are very important. Try using a quote, a fact, or statistics to intrigue your readers.
  • Mention the goal of your speech: Tell your readers what your speech is about. Mention briefly what readers will know by the end or how will they benefit from it.
  • Present your authenticity: State your credibility by telling your experience.

Write the body of your speech

  • Present your main points: Start listing your main arguments or ideas. The niche creators who provide instant speech writing help completely rely on listings.
  • Put forward evidence: Support each pointer with an example or solid reference. This will make your content more believable.
  • Find a way to smooth transition: when switching between your points try making a smooth transition.

Work on closing your speech

  • Do a transition from body to the conclusion: when making a switch from body to conclusion it has to be gradual and relevant
  • Make a summary of all your points: Conclusion is where you bring everything together. Plan your ending because the summary should bring clarity to your audience. If at this point you feel that speech writing is rather complicated then wait no more and search “write my speech for me” on Google. It will help you find the best professionals near you.
  • Share a message: This is very important that your speech should have a clear message. Send out that message loud and clear to your audience. A speech without a message will not be well greeted by the audience.
  • Thank your audience: Lastly, don’t forget to thank your audience for being such good listeners. Ask them if they enjoyed the experience. Also, keep additional time for a Q & A session. This will help you connect with your audience.

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Edit & proofread Your Speech 

Lastly, you must edit your speech well. A lot of people will listen carefully to what you have to say. Hence it should be a priority that you edit and review it using a tool online.


Making an outline is as important as writing it. The more clear and defined your outline is, the easier it gets to write the complete speech. Hope the above-mentioned method to outline the essay will help you write a flawless speech.