Increasing Vocabulary in English to do Well on the IELTS Test


Excellent vocabulary, precise grammar, fluency, and appropriate instruction are all necessary for doing well on the IELTS exam. Only with the assistance of the previously listed components can your dream of acing tests become a reality. You must undoubtedly have perfect grammar and vocabulary in English. In addition, nevertheless, you also require the appropriate advice from professionals. This post will cover several strategies to improve your vocabulary in English.

It is crucial to increase one’s vocabulary in English. Expanding your vocabulary in English can help you improve the precision and accuracy of your responses. Through your thoughtful answers to the questions, the examiner will evaluate your vocabulary proficiency. As a result, to make their responses stand out, test-takers must utilize a large vocabulary in English.

Acquiring 50 new vocabulary words daily is insufficient to become an expert in the English language. You’ll remain perplexed about the words’ meanings as a result. As a result, you must focus just on learning a limited set of words to fully understand them and remember their precise meanings.

However, there are a few resources you need to learn English vocabulary, like:

  • Oxford Dictionary printed on paper
  • A pen in a notebook

Here are the IELTS phases during which having a strong vocabulary in English will be necessary:

  • The recordings in the listening segment will use a significant amount of English terminology.
  • In the writing portion of the response, you must use a large vocabulary in English. This can help you avoid using the same phrases over and over again, which could be a drawback, and make your response impressive and accurate.
  • The reading section’s paragraphs will get increasingly harder because of the rich English vocabulary used in them.
  • You should balance precision and elaboration in your speaking section responses to the examiner, and
  • You should have a solid command of the English language vocabulary.

Increase your vocabulary in English: Let’s examine the steps of a practical method that will help you increase your vocabulary in English.

Acquire Five New Words per day.

Acquiring five new words per day will prove to be an extremely successful tactic. This will also make it easier for you to stick to the plan for several months. Overstepping this boundary can cause difficulties when acquiring English vocab. As a result, pick just five vocabulary terms from the dictionary and make an effort to understand their deep meanings.


It’s important to realize the value of review when acquiring vocabulary in English. To understand words in their purest form, it is imperative that you review their meanings. It is therefore quite beneficial to revise words when using a paper-format dictionary, therefore be careful to note the words with the marker so you can easily go back to them as you read through the book.

A location and a coffee cup

Sipping a cup of coffee and perusing your dictionary in the ideal setting is a delightful experience. This type of practice facilitates self-connection and allows you to experience the ecstasy of present-moment quiet. Thus, make an effort to find the greatest and safest spot where you can have a cup of coffee and effortlessly peruse your dictionary.

As an Example

It takes more than just reading the terms and their definitions to improve your proficiency with English vocabulary. Actually, in order to grasp the true meaning and usage of the words in a sentence, you also need to exercise your creativity by coming up with examples. Thus, take out a notebook and pen, and begin writing a few instances that are related to the words you are studying.

Go Through

Your proficiency with the English language will also improve if you read novels and newspapers. As reading a newspaper or a novel would greatly aid in your daily vocabulary development, incorporate it into your routine. To become brilliant in the English language, one must read.

In summary

Additionally, don’t hesitate to modify the plan of action in response to changing circumstances. You can use the YouTube site and the completed sample papers to gain an understanding of the significance of English vocabulary in performing well on the IELTS exam.