Undoubtedly, as of 2020, our Instagram posts seem much less than our previous followers. After the update made by Instagram recently, we can say that only about 10% of our followers have noticed our posts. Although this move is said to increase Instagram usability, it is made to improve sponsored posts. Likewise, in the past years, this type of update was made on Facebook, and the access of the pages was reduced, and they were aimed to be directed to sponsored advertising posts.

Although this situation consists of not being able to see the photos of friends and family members on personal accounts, it causes big problems such as not announcing new campaigns and gaining customers in their business profiles. We can only say that businesses selling on Instagram are the most difficult.

Now, what do we know about the 2020 Instagram Algorithm? Let’s talk about them?

Instagram Algorithm Rewards Posts with More Interactions

Since Instagram has stopped showing posts by time, we can say that those who have the biggest share in the ranking are post interactions like comments and likes. Apart from these, we can state that hidden heroes who do not appear in interaction, saving, repost, and sharing of posts via DM.

Instagram algorithm

If we think like Instagram, if a post receives hundreds of likes, comments, or views, this post is important, and I can think of it as I have to raise it for other people to see it.

When Instagram announced its new algorithm from its official blog, he stated that the ranking would be arranged for the interests of the people. We can explain this in the following way, the new post of a page whose posts we frequently liked before appears above. Or a post liked by our friend, who has many photos together, also appears on our page or in the discover section.

By making this arrangement, Instagram aims to ensure that we spend quality time in the application. As an example, let’s imagine that we are fans of fenerbahçe, we will get bored from Instagram after a while if there are always posts related to other teams. But when the posts with Fenerbahçe come out, we spend more time on Instagram.

We Can Convert This To An Advantage Using Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories app currently has over 300 million users, and this number is almost twice that of Snapchat. By using Instagram stories that quickly double your opponent, you can increase the awareness of your account where you get low interaction with normal posts.

Not only the algorithm’s Instagram, but its menus and appearance have also changed. As a result, users now spend time in the stories of the people they follow, rather than browsing the post stream.

Well, if you say what algorithm is tagging Instagram stories, there is also an interactive sequence like in posts. But as you know, there is no liking interaction in the stories, instead, we can respond to the story.

If someone responds to your stories or watches it again, then the stories you will share later are at the forefront of your follower.

Another way to increase story interaction is through the survey option. You can increase the interaction of your stories with the questionnaires that attract the attention of your followers, and you think they will participate. Finally, it will be your advantage to add a link to your story, so your follower can spend minutes by clicking on your link without leaving your story.

When we think about how we can control this situation and provide benefits, we came up with a few ideas. It is important to increase the time spent in your story. For this reason, the stories of people who share videos are at the forefront. If possible, it will be our advantage to increase the time spent in our story with videos that do not bother our followers.

For example, if you have a boutique page, you can ask how much of a dress you share and give it to those who know the right price or give a discount. In this way, you interact with your story. As a result of your follower reaching you via DM, your normal posts will now appear in the flow of your follower, reaching you via DM. In this way, we can convert the Instagram algorithm to an advantage by using the story’s application.

Don’t Leave Your Followers Unanswered.

The Instagram algorithm likes comments in question-and-answer discussions more than just the likes and comments of others on your posts. For this reason, if you are a photographer, for example, and your follower asks with which machine you take the photo or where you took it, you should not leave it unanswered.

If you want to increase the interaction of your Instagram account, you need to take time and take care of it. Although it is difficult to follow the comments of your followers, it is worth it as a return. Your comments and responses, especially within one hour after sharing the post, increase the visibility of the post. However, subsequent comments also increase, it is still more important to interact within the first hour.

Interaction Time of Your Posts Should Be Quick

You shared a new post and received no likes in the first hours, but the next day this post received 100 likes. Unfortunately, this post will not appear in your followers’ streams and in the discover section. The fact that your Instagram posts get interactions like likes and comments quickly brings them forward. If you do not have a follower like this, you can take advantage of our services, such as automatic likes .

Another way to increase interactivity is to share a post at the right time if you share a post at a time when all your followers sleep, of course, it will not receive any interaction. But when your followers are active at a time when they are active, there will be feedbacks like likes and comments.

You can find the best time by trial and error method or by comparing the interactions and sharing times received by your old posts.

Increase the Time Your Followers Spend on Your Posts

One of the most important factors that allow you to go to Explore on Instagram or to appear in the flow of your followers is the time spent in your posts. We immediately turn it off when there is a picture or video that does not interest us, but a post that we watch over and over and over again is important to us. Instagram is aware of this, and its algorithm responds according to these behaviors.

How can we turn this situation into an advantage, when we think about it. By sharing more than one photo in the same post, we can increase the time spent by our followers, or we can share in the form of videos. But when we think about how we can increase this, there is a certain time limit for the videos; we can share a long interesting post in the description section.

You can review the ucankusmedya Instagram page, which is a successful page that attracts our attention in this regard. Usually, posts are made as videos and posts with followers for a long time. In this way, they can provide impressions and interactions both in the discovery part and from the post flow of their followers.

Careful Hashtag Usage

Hashtags, a method that everyone has used to get interactions since its first opening, are still valid. However, we have to be much more careful when using hashtags in recent days. There is no option to see any hashtag related images on Instagram anymore. You may not be interested in photos with kebab hashtags and ban them. But there is a subtle situation, if we use a general hashtag, our interaction may increase again, it would be more logical to use food instead of kebab in my example.

You may lose value in the algorithm of Instagram, as the impressions you get with unrelated hashtags will be short. For example, if you come across a person who is writing something funny and looking for something to have fun within a sad video, the person will turn it off immediately. Instead of using two tags, both funny and sad, we can now turn the situation into an advantage by using the funny hashtag only if your video is funny.

Follow All of Instagram’s Innovations

Instagram develops itself almost every day, offers a new feature, and wants users to try them. When we look at the days when Instagram first appeared, Instagram had no features such as DM, video, stories. But when we look at it, it has many features. One of these features in recent days is the ability to use gifs in stories, when we use it, at least people who have not seen it will try to understand how we do it by watching over and over again, and this will give us a return as interaction.

Finally, if you do not have as many followers on your Instagram profile, you can buy Instagram followers from a trusted site. Naturally, if you think the interaction of your profile is not enough, we also have services such as comments, likes, and views. You can ask us your questions about our article or on all topics about Instagram in the comments section.