Whether it is a retail store, service provider, or a construction company, every business is established with an aim to grow into a bigger version. Growth is a systematic process. First, as a new venture taps the local market, it matures with time and then knocks the national market. After this milestone, with sufficient resources, the next step is entering the international market. It is the pinnacle of success for every business. For that, business owners require a strong marketing strategy.

Along with traditional marketing practices, you have to cater to online marketing as well. Reaching out to billions of potential customers is not an easy job. You need to push through every limit to make your brand stand out among its competitors on every platform, and for that, you need to hire international SEO consultants.

To get an idea of how these consultants will help you grow your business, you must acquire the surface-level knowledge of international SEO.

What is an International SEO?

When websites are optimized in a way that popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing translate a website’s content in different languages as per the requirement, the process is known as International SEO.

Every country has a different language, and people tend to visit websites that are in their native language as it is easy to understand. Just like local SEO, International SEO also helps your website attain a high rank on search engine pages but with country-specific content. It is an effective practice that has the potential to yield dynamic results.


You can reach your desired global market through proper channels in a cost-effective manner. International SEO provides you with many tools to have more clicks to your website.

What does an International SEO Consultant do?

The experts of this field analyze and review the websites for improvement purposes. They optimize a website for better search engine performance. They understand the differences in culture, language, and online habits. Therefore, they know how to cater to different markets and regions across the globe.

Country-Specific Language Translation Services

International SEO consultants have a group of translators who convert the website content into different languages. Although there are websites that offer this job, a native speaker is the best option for an efficient and error-free translation.

Country-Specific Keyword Optimization

Every country has a different culture, with people having unique mindsets. The difference in these mindsets leads to other searching habits. For this purpose, keywords have to be revised for every country. A keyword that performs well in one country might not work for another country. Keywords also vary as per gender and age. Teenagers look for short and unique keywords, whereas older adults will search with complete sentences—the international SEO expert not only masters in geography but also demography.

Country-Specific Website Design and Development

People from different countries possess different aesthetic sense. Some like bright and vivid colors, whereas others go for dull and somber shades. Similarly, the font size and navigation pages need to be set according to a user’s preference.

The right hand and left-hand drive is a great example. If you are in one of the commonwealth states, then the right-hand drive is the best option for you, but when you move out to another country, you will follow all left-hand drive rules. Although, in both cases, you are driving a car on the road, but the rules change according to the country.  Likewise, the design of the website has to be accommodated to the regulations of the country.

Country-Specific Social Media

Just like other things, social media habits also differ in many ways. It would help if you used the right language and words as you speak to different audiences. Advertisements that may be suitable for one country might be offensive because of its idea, content, or pictures.

Colors that indicate happiness and joy in one country are often taken as a bad omen in a different country. So, you cannot offer the same plate in every country. The experts help you build your image with the right tools.


The international SEO plan focuses on addressing all these areas. Once addressed, then it will bring you many benefits while getting into a new market. Most important of all, it will attract more targeted traffic to your site. Hence, increase the chance of turning these random visitors to potential customers.

It is also necessary to select the best international consultants. Investing in someone who knows the ins and outs of international marketing can save you from the stress in the years ahead.  For this, you need to do your homework. To identify who excels at their work, go through the portfolio of the consultant and look into their past experiences. If it is impressive and satisfactory, then look for your rates. Look for a consultant who fits in your budget. Moreover, build a relationship with a professional who understands your business, audience, and helps you achieve your set goals.