Many people think that air conditioners are only useful in summers to deal with the scorching heat of the summer sun. But it is not true. Haier DC Inverter air conditioners can serve well in winters as well.

They are a complete winter solution as it provides an in-built heater. You do not have to depend on traditional heating methods anymore. Haier inverter can heat your room without gas usage and minimum consumption of electricity. So, if you are looking for something which does not consume as much electricity as an electric heater consumes and wants to avoid the dangers of gas heaters, the Haier Puri inverter can be your best choice. 

Haier Puri Inverter is one of the top-selling models in Pakistan during these extreme winters. The reason is that it provides air purification features along with powerful healing mechanisms. In the current smog and winter season of Pakistan, having a heating mechanism that provides air purification features is the need of the hour. 

Let us discuss why you should choose inverter air conditioners over regular air conditioners.  

What Sets Inverters Apart from Regular ACs? 

New technologies are coming up every day. DC Inverter air conditioners are one of those amazing technologies that flourished in the past few years. Initially, inverter air conditioners had limited features. It was a great source to save the extreme consumption of electricity. But now, Haier Inverter air conditioners, come up with many more features such as powerful heating mechanisms, air quality sensors, WIFI features, and much more. 

The one thing that sets Inverter air conditioners apart from the regular air conditioners is their compressor motor working mechanism.

In regular air conditioners, compressor motors have only two options, either on or off. The compressor motor keeps running at a specific fixed speed until the room temperature reaches the desired temperature. Once the temperature reaches the desired temperature, the compressor motor turns off. As soon as the room starts getting a bit warmer, the compressor motor turns on again and starts cooling down the room temperature. The on and off mechanism consumes a lot of power and results in high electricity bills. 

Whereas inverter air conditioners c have a completely different working mechanism. In DC inverters, the compressor motor has a varying speed. It has advanced technology to adjust the speed of the compressor motor. Initially, the compressor motor runs at a good speed until the desired room temperature reaches. Once the desired room temperature reaches, the speed of the motor slows down. Again, when the room temperature goes up, the air conditioner adjusts its speed according to it. 

Compressor motor modes were are the main distinguishing factor between the inverters and regular air conditioners. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that inverters are more energy-efficient than regular air conditioners. 

How Can Your Inverter Air Conditioners Be a Heater? 

Haier inverters can be used in two different ways. In summers, they can work as air conditioners to lower the room temperature and create a pleasant atmosphere, and in winters, they can work as heaters to quickly create a warm atmosphere. 

But not every air conditioner has the feature to switch from air conditioners to a heater. Some of the special inverters provide users with this mechanism, such as DC Inverter Puri, HR series of Haier Digital Inverter, and some more. 

These air conditioners have an additional component called a reversing valve. These air conditioners use a reversing valve to reverse the actual flow of thermal energy using a heat pump system. In the heating mode of the air conditioner, the reversing valve flips, and the refrigerant flow changes its direction. In this way, the cold evaporator coils change to become hot condenser coils and vice versa. Doing, so the warm air is expelled out from the air conditioner, making it a perfect heater for your winters. 

How to turn on Heat mode in Haier Inverter air conditioners?

Haier provides users with easy switching features between the air conditioners and the heaters. To turn on the heat mode on Haier air conditioners, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Point your infrared remote controller to the air conditioner
  2. Press the power button
  3. Press the HEAT button on the remote controller.

The air conditioner will start working to warm up the temperature of the room. 


If you are looking for the best AC company in Pakistan, then search no further. Haier air conditioners are the complete solution to your summer and winter’s need. They provide two in one feature, using minimum electricity. You can make it work as an air conditioner or make it work as a heater, depending on the weather. You would not like to miss checking out Haier inverter ac price in Pakistan, which can be your perfect winter’s life saver.