Is Working from Home Led to Depression and Anxiety?

There are many people now who prefer flexibility when it comes to jobs. Working from home becomes a priority for new job seekers. Without debate, this is an ideal setup, especially when you’re a working parent. But this isn’t for all. It may be a perk for many, but around 73.6% of employees admit that they struggle with mental health issues while working from home. 


So, if that’s the case, why do companies continue this? What will happen to people who struggle with this kind of setup but have a full-time remote job? As we all know, many companies are doing it now because they see it as beneficial. When it comes to mental health checks, most of them offer counseling or teletherapy California for all their employees. 

Common Reasons for Poor Mental Health While Working from Home

It is alarming that there are more people now who struggle with mental health problems while working from home. For sure, knowing the statistics, companies are addressing this issue right away. But it is a puzzle to some people why this happens. Is the home supposed to be a happy and safe place? Moreover, why would working from home lead to depression and anxiety for others? 


Let’s find out the common reasons. 

There is less physical activity. 

When you’re at home, you’re comfortable. Working on your bed is not a problem. No one would care as long as you deliver your tasks. The best part is that your boss will never know when you take a nap because you’re tired. And to top it all, walking and commuting to your office is not a hassle anymore because you can just wake up late. It may be hard to admit, but when you’re working at home, doing physical activity or worrying about the lack of it is really not a priority. 

You have a poor diet. 

Another common reason is that eating unhealthy food at home is more convenient when working. Cooking healthy meals for your family is a priority. The problem is snacking on junk food and sweets in your pantry. You think that rewarding yourself with a cookie or two won’t hurt you, but studies show that eating unhealthy food can lead to depression and anxiety. 

You have a stressful home. 

When you’re working remotely, it is best that you have your own space so that you can do work peacefully. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people live in a toxic and stressful environment where it’s impossible for them to get their work done. Perhaps there are so many people living under one roof, or you’re living with a partner who constantly berates you. 


Your home has so many distractions. 

It is a common reason for working parents with toddlers. Having their children at home is a never-ending job. Even if they have a meeting to attend, their children are crying for their attention. Feeding them will take hours, and some parents will attest that their children behave differently when they’re working. Of course, the children love the idea that you’re just at home, and this is the reason they constantly demand your time. 

There is less interaction with colleagues. 

For many, spending time with colleagues during breaks or after office hours is probably the best thing about working on-site. But when you’re working at home, it becomes harder for you to dress up and go out. You’re too focused on doing your job, especially with distractions at home, and you need to deliver on time.

Signs That You’re Dealing with a Mental Health Issue

It is not easy for you to recognize the signs that you’re mental health is taking a toll because of work. Perhaps you blame your sadness and anxiety on other factors, such as juggling life and work or having an unsupportive partner. Take a look at the following signs to check whether or not you need to seek help from professional therapists near me. 

You easily get irritated or angry. 

You want everyone to leave you alone when you’re working. When your children want your attention, you yell at them. Even when you’re aware that what you’re doing is wrong, you seem not to care. 

You avoid talking to other people. 

Socializing with your co-workers seems like a chore to you. You see no reason to meet them because you’re not working together. You get tired of putting on a nice dress. All you want is to stay at home. Isolating yourself is a clear sign that you need to see a professional for counseling or teletherapy California. 

You lose interest in doing your job or your hobbies. 

The only reason you’re working is to provide for yourself and your family. Before, you were always excited by the idea that you have a job, but now, you easily get bored. Even doing your hobbies does not interest you at all. 

You develop unhealthy sleeping and eating routines. 

Sleep and diet are two of the most important factors in having a healthy mind. When you cannot do this, you become less productive and efficient. In addition, you easily get angry even over small things. 


If you’re experiencing any or all of these, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. Mindshift Psychological Services offers teletherapy California for those who prefer doing therapy at home. Contact them on their website or at (714) 584-9700 to schedule an appointment.