Most people would claim that nothing swells the beauty of a woman than a pair of high rise heels. But we beg to differ here. While heels do indeed emanate the powerful aura of the wearer, they are indeed not at the top. They face stiff competition from Italian women ankle boots. The amount of sheer luxury these ankle boots for women exudes is alluring. 

They are multi-functional and unlike heels are very comfortable to wear. Italian boots have been the go-to choice of many fashion critics for over many decades. And they are still quite popular among the ladies. Many women still prefer them and are happy to get a pair of Italian ankle boots. What sets them apart is their elegance. 

The European countries have a unique sense of fashion and being an originate of Italy, Italian ankle boots are no different. They are quite elegant. 

The shoes usually have a sole that is made up of non-slip synthetic material. The sole provides enough cushioning and comfort to the feet. The exterior of the shoes is made of leather or suede materials. Pure leather Italian boots are very rare to find; This is because pure leather shoes are tough to maintain. So it is always recommended to go for an Italian ankle boot that is at least 70% leather. 

The Italian ankle boots for women also have a lot of varieties when it comes to the number of models. The following three categories are the most popular among women:

  1. Boots with heels – this classic version has been around in the market since the 60s they are perfect for most occasions, and all you need to do is mix and match them with the attire of your choice. They provide steady support to the feet, and a boot of medium height will not give you any kind of feet pain or leg cramps. For the ones who are suffering from foot pain because of the heel shoes, now there are shoe inserts for heel spur available, that redistribute the pressure on the foot and ease the pain.
  2. Wedge boots – wedge boots are a popular choice for the winters. They provide warmth and protect your feet from the chills all the while making you look elegant. The wedges of these boots are very soft, and overall they give a very polished look. You can pair them with a raunchy leather jacket as well as a cute sweater.
  3. Treads – treads are for the days when you feel more confident and want to look like a fashionista. Treads have been in the trend for several seasons, and yet their popularity does not seem to die out anytime soon. 

How to choose the perfect pair for you?

The Italian ankle boots are so popular that you find fakes more than often. Thus you should be careful when shopping for Italian boots for women. To get the perfect pair of Italian boots for you, you must follow these tips:

  1. Pay attention to the appearance of the shoes. Look closely for any glue drips, or traces of scuffs and craft on the shoe. A perfect pair of Italian shoes will not have any such signs.
  2. Walk around in the shoes for 10-15 mins. Make sure that the shoes do not cause itchiness or bite the sole of your feet. Buy the pair only if you are comfortable wearing the shoes.
  3. Also, take note of the sole. The sole must be anti-slippery. You must look at the material of the boots very carefully. In case you are buying suede shoes, make sure that the color is uniform and there are not any traces of burns or marks on the shoes. For leather boots, the leather must be dense and smooth in texture. 

Italian boots are a must-have for your wardrobe. With the winter season coming you can have a look at the best collection of authentic Italian boots here.