If you are planning to travel to the US, you must have surely put up your ESTA request. ESTA is required for all nationals belonging to countries approved under the Visa Waiver Program unless they want to apply for American Visa. You can Request ESTA for America if you want to stay in the US for less than 90 days and are traveling for tourism or business.

RRequest ESTA for America

Irrespective of the reason for your travel, the US security doesn’t allow the entry of certain things into the country while some substances are restricted. It is very important that you do not carry any such substance prohibited by the US Customs and Border Protection agency while traveling to the US. Remember that if you are carrying any restricted substance, you must declare them directly or you may have to pay a hefty fine.

Why is it important to know the list of prohibited and restricted items?

As soon as you request ESTA, you start making preparations for your trip. It could be mere tourism or visiting a friend or attending a ceremony or holding a business conference or whatever. Many people like to carry a few of their favorites such as chocolate bonbons, cheese, etc. during the journey. If you are meeting a friend or an associate, they may have special requests that you would want to fulfill. While that is nice, you should always abide by the rules set up by the CBP and DHS to ensure that you can enter the country without any issue. If you fail to do so, the items may be confiscated and you may be denied entry, even though your ESTA request was approved.

List of items prohibited by the US

If you want to enter the US after your Request ESTA for America (AANVRAGEN ESTA) has been approved, you must not carry the following things with you:

  1. Alcohol that is more than 70% by volume
  2. Clothing that has fur from canines or felines
  • Beedi/bidi and cigarettes
  1. Poultry/pork/beef in tinned, dried, or fresh form
  2. Products made of ivory
  3. Citrus fruits and products. Other vegetables and fruits are restricted.
  • Rohypnol
  • Narcotic substances

Other restrictions to keep in mind while you request ESTA

The above list of items pertains to those that are prohibited. However, there are other things that are restricted. This includes

  1. A person can carry 5 liters of alcohol which is less than 70% by volume.
  2. Liquid milk and formula for infants can be taken in small amounts.
  • Medicines prescribed by chemists and doctors can be carried if in sealed packets.
  1. To carry plants, one needs to obtain permission for each plant.
  2. Tobacco products for personal consumption can be carried in limited amounts.
  3. Firearms fall under the restricted category.

How this helps you?

Now that you know what you can take and what not, it will be easy for you to make preparations post ESTA request via estavisumamerika. Make sure that you follow the rules set up by the US for a hassle-free entry to the country.

A quick guide for travel to, from, within or over the USA, including how to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).