In most people’s lives, there comes a time when they think getting a tattoo is all they need in life. While many outgrow this phase, some cannot, and end up getting a tattoo. They may get a tiny infinity sign on the wrist or their favorite band’s name on their arm. However, no other tattoo can be as disastrous as getting your ex’s name inked on your chest. We cannot even imagine the embarrassment once you break up. Fortunately for such people, many laser treatments in Dubai exist, and laser tattoo removal is one of them. Laser tattoo removal in Dubai helps get rid of your teenage mistakes with ease. But before you schedule an appointment with the practitioner, learn about laser tattoo removal treatment.

Facts About Laser Tattoo Removal 

Below we have shared some facts about tattoo removal that anyone considering this treatment must know.

Every Tattoo Doesn’t Disappear

One of the misconceptions associated with laser tattoo removal is that it will remove every tattoo. That’s not true. Having realistic expectations from the tattoo removal procedure is essential. Several factors affect the procedure that you must discuss with the practitioner before the procedure.

Black ink is easier to remove than green, red, and yellow inks. Moreover, if you got a tattoo from an amateur artist, it will be quickly removed compared to professional tattoos. So, discuss everything with the practitioner before you undergo laser tattoo removal.

Old Tattoos Are Better

‘Old is gold’ is true in this case. The older your tattoo, the easier it is to remove. With time, our bodies start absorbing the tattoo pigment making it lighter than it was initially. When a tattoo is already fading, it takes lesser sessions for tattoo removal. A ten-year-old black ink tattoo is easily removed within 1-2 treatments than a colored tattoo that’s only 1 year old.

Location Matters

The placement of the tattoo on your body also matters. For some parts of the body, removing a tattoo with a laser’s help is more comfortable than others. Moreover, the natural fading process is also different for different body parts. For instance, the tattoos present on the arms or legs fade slowly than other body parts. The tattoos on the back fade the quickest and can be easily treated.

When a tattoo hasn’t naturally faded, it requires more laser treatment sessions for complete removal. Moreover, the healing process is also slower for such tattoos.

Scientifically, the closer your tattoos are to the heart, the easier they are to treat and heal.

Tattoo Artist Influences The Tattoo Removal Procedure

An artist lets his/her art do the talking. It is also true in the case of tattoos. Although it’s better to get inked by professional artists, it isn’t great for tattoo removal. Professional tattooists use better ink that is rich in pigmentation. While it looks great on the tattoo, it isn’t easy to remove. Amateur tattoos neither have enough pigmentation, nor the ink is deposited at a consistent depth. Therefore, eliminating amateur tattoos is more comfortable with the help of laser treatment.

Professional tattoo removal requires more laser treatment sessions than amateur ones. So, if you plan to remove the tattoo at a later stage in life, it is better to get one from an amateur artist.

Colors Are Not Your Friends

While removing a colored tattoo is difficult, removing a tattoo with multiple colors becomes even more complicated. Currently, it isn’t possible to remove different tattoo colors with the help of a single laser. For removing different inks, different laser wavelengths are required.

Easily removed inks are:

  • Black
  • Green

Not so easily removed inks are:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Fluorescent

The practitioners performing laser tattoo removal use the latest technologies. These technologies can remove the most stubborn tattoo inks.

Skin Changes

Although skin texture can change from tattooing, it hides under the ink. But when you go for tattoo removal, the hidden scars or marks will become visible. Moreover, the effect of tattoo removal differs from person to person. It depends on several factors, including:

  • Their skin’s texture
  • Number of laser tattoo removal sessions
  • The intensity of laser beams
  • Type of tattoo

If someone got a tattoo over an older one, it would require more tattoo removal sessions. It will cost you more, and the results are not guaranteed. Sometimes, patients are left with a ‘ghost’ of their old tattoo. So, keep these things in mind before undergoing laser tattoo removal..

Don’t Hide Your Allergies

Some people are allergic to tattoos, ink or lasers, etc. They may experience itching, swelling, and even bleeding in some cases. So, if you went through something of this nature, you must inform the practitioner before tattoo removal treatment. Otherwise, you may end up triggering a severe allergic reaction. Discuss your allergies with the doctor, and he/she will guide you better.

Although laser tattoo removal doesn’t have many side-effects, it can still cause minimal complications. Some of these complications include:

  • infection at the tattoo removal site
  • partial pigment removal
  • hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation
  • scarring/keloid scarring

Tattoo Removal Isn’t Painless

Removing a tattoo may not be as painful as getting one, but it is not painless. You will feel discomfort and minimal pain while removing a tattoo with laser treatments in Dubai.

Although the procedure isn’t entirely painless, the intensity of pain can be reduced with different techniques. Some numbing creams are available that can be used before the procedure. Moreover, ice also helps in reducing the pain.

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. So, the placement of your tattoo also matters. If you have a tattoo at a body part where it hurts more, you may be given local anesthesia. It will make the procedure pain-free, but you will feel some pain and discomfort once the anesthesia wears off.

It’s A Risky Procedure

The laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure that isn’t entirely non-invasive. It means tattoo removal with the help of lasers is not a risk-free procedure. Most risks associated with tattoo removal are only temporary and can be avoided with an experienced doctor’s help. However, still, some risks cannot be avoided.

The Procedure Will Cost You

Laser tattoo removal is not a cheap procedure. It costs a lot of money. However, the overall cost depends on several factors, such as:

  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Type of laser used
  • Number of sessions required
  • Location of the facility

These are just some of the cost-determining factors. Consult with your practitioner about the exact cost of your treatment.

Don’t Be Impulsive

Finally, keep this piece of advice in mind before getting a tattoo and before laser tattoo removal in Dubai. Sometimes we make an impulsive decision and then regret it afterward. So, try to make a well-informed decision about the procedure. Then, choose an expert practitioner to do the job and avoid any complications.