What is basic SEO?

The SEO, also known as organic search engine optimization, is a discipline of online marketing consistently optimize the visibility of a website to improve in the organic results of different basic SEO  (search engines would be more correct), that is, get Your website appears as high as possible in the SERPs when users perform a search on Google, the main search engine in Spain, since in theory, the higher the position, the greater the number of visitors who access your website.

basic SEO

The SEO positioning is one of the specialties of the online marketing that has most evolved in recent years, with constant updates on the various aspects that make up the Google algorithm, such as evaluating the quality of incoming links (Penguin), quality content (Panda) or the loading speed of a web page,

Although there are more than 200 factors on which a basic SEO relies to rank first one or another page, one of the criteria that Google is taking into account the most in recent years is the quality of the page and within it what is known as EAT  ( Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness ) that is, Experience, Authority and Trust.

Page quality

To determine the quality level of a page, Google evaluators take into account several factors. The most important are:

  • The purpose of the website.
  • Quality and quantity of the main content; In addition to fulfilling the function for which the content has been designed, the extension must be appropriate to be able to address the topic we are dealing with.
  • Information on the website and the person responsible for the main content.
  • The reputation of the website and the person responsible for the main content.
  • Experience, Authority, and Trust, which we will talk about below.

To these factors, it is convenient to add the satisfaction of the user’s search

SEO on-page vs. SEO off-page

What is SEO On Page?

The SEO on Page, also known as SEO on site, covers the entire set of optimizations that can be performed directly on the website, ie, internal factors of a website that affect a greater or lesser extent, the positioning of the site. It could also be defined as any characteristic or element that we control directly in the web code.

Within the SEO on-page, we can distinguish two very different fields

SEO Copywriting

The SEO copywriting or SEO content is one of the most important on the web. The objective is to make the contents of a certain web page unique and correctly structured, containing the keywords in charge of giving relevance to said content, thanks to the searches that users carry out in search engines.

For this, one of the first tasks that must be carried out is a study of keywords for which we want to position our website to find out which keywords have a relevant number of searches so that it is worth writing about.

It is essential to take into account the search intention of the selected keywords after doing the keyword research, in addition to grouping them into groups of similar themes, to form a richer and more varied content, providing greater quality to a text.

Other important points to keep in mind are choosing the title of the web page correctly and writing a description that attracts search engine users to your site, in addition to structuring and ranking the content of the page using the most appropriate HTML tags.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO is responsible for analyzing and correcting all the factors that are likely to be optimized face to users and search engines.

These factors have more to do with the code or with the way to carry out implementation, so it is necessary to have advanced technological knowledge, and not all are visible to the user, such as ensuring that robots are capable of track and index all the pages of the website (the ones we want you to index), the loading speed of the web, canonical URLs, redirects or the depth levels of a site, to give some examples.

What is SEO, Off-Page?

The SEO Off-page or SEO Offsite is the name given to all SEO work focused on external sites on our own.

The main factor in this aspect is the authority acquired through quality external links (backlinks) from relevant websites related to the theme of our site that point to our page, which helps to increase the relevance regarding this matter. or thematic.