There are not many places where modern-day artists feel confident to showcase their masterpieces; that’s why it is an important goal for an artist choosing to live where their creativity can thrive. Fortunately, Dubai provides residential spaces for contemporary artists to become one with their canvases confidently. Alserkal Avenue in Dubai has many such places that have a villa for sale in Dubai, in close proximity to some splendid art galleries mentioned below.

Lawrie Shabibi

This art gallery celebrates artists from the regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Lawrie Shabibi gallery is one of the notable galleries in Dubai that has successfully sold Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Mounir Fatemi, Nick Devereux, and Adel Addin. Other than helping contemporary artists to make a living out of their craft, this gallery is also very famous for hosting talks and publishing art catalogs.

The Third Line

The third line predominantly exhibits masterpieces of international Middle Eastern artists. In addition to housing phenomenal art pieces, this art gallery aims to stir conversation about art via its non-profit programs. Over the years, The Third Line has published artists’ books such as, Works on Paper and has an endless list of talented artists like Abbas Akhavan, Babak Golkar, Farah Al Qasimi, and Laleh Khorramian associated with it. People living nearby are benefited from the creative atmosphere exuding from this place.

Opera Gallery

This prestigious art gallery is like a magnet to all kinds of artists, ranging from graffiti artists and the ones who curate pop music albums. Under the tutelage of Sylvian Gaillard, the opera house also holds attraction for people who stomp on the corporate walkways, as well as food lovers who are inclined to dine out in unusual locations. In addition to this, the opera gallery provides VIP visits and hosts private parties. Any artist living nearby has the luxury to stay encouraged.

Green Art Gallery

This well-reputed gallery started from scratch and recently earned the fame it deserves after being shifted to Jumeirah in Dubai from a local bookshop in Syria. Green Art gallery has exhibited and auctioned off many art pieces, including those of Nazol Ansarinia, Palestine-born Habib Allah, and Pakistan’s Sher Shah. This contemporary art gallery has stood the test of time, and therefore it is an ideal place for artists to get inspiration and motivation.

Ayyam Gallery

Ayyam Gallery offered an up-scale exhibition for amateurs and celebrated artists to boast their pieces. There is a nonprofit scheme of Ayyam Gallery that makes it obligatory to spread awareness of art worldwide and provide equal representation of artists within the industry. Moreover, they also have multilingual publishing programs.

Carbon 12

Carbon 12 is a contemporary gallery that showcases a range of talents, predominantly contemporary art. Under Kourosh Nouri, Carbon 12 hosts a number of events that attract media companies and visitors around the globe. Therefore, living somewhere in close proximity to Carbon 12 can help artists to flourish their craft.

Listed above are art galleries that would be beneficial for someone who seriously wants to dedicate themselves to their art; however, this is extremely risky in this capitalistic world. Therefore one should always be very cautious and look for a villa for rent in Dubai before daring to buy a place and permanently move out.