Instagram came into existence as a photo app but, over the years, it has made its presence felt in the world of video marketing like no one else. Indeed, Instagram is unbeatable when it comes to video marketing and promoting your brand or business online. And why not? It is designed with endless features to let you create mind-blowing videos to help your business succeed.

If you are looking to promote your business on this platform via video marketing or video ads, you will be surprised to know that Instagram is a one-stop shop to meet all your video ads-related needs. This platform not only extends your brand or business reach but also increases product/services sales if you use its capabilities strategically.

Through this article, we will introduce you to some tried-and-tested tips that will help you create stunning video ads for Instagram to get maximum clicks and build your brand image.

How to create Instagram Ads?

Instagram lets you make professional video ads effortlessly without burning a hole in your pocket. This platform presents various options to create video ad content such as reels, IG TV, stories, and more. To create a video ad, you can start by going to the ad maker or the +sign icon from your Instagram page. This feature allows you to directly upload your videos saved on your phone while providing an option to customize footage, add audio, and a text message.

In case you do not want to use the videos saved on your phone, there is another option to create a video using story or reel options instantly. These have specific features, effects, and filters to let you create an interactive video ad every time. After recording your video, you can apply effects such as auto-touch up, add music, increase or decrease video speed, add hashtags, add location etc., in an instant.

It does not matter how many options you get with Instagram. But when it comes to creating an influencing video ad, it is recommended to use a good video editing tool. There are many free ad maker software that you can choose based on the features you require. These video ad makers are equipped with different templates to complement different themes and help you create something impressive.

The competition is tough, and online platforms such as Instagram are the hub for competing brands. Therefore, to outshine your competition, your content should be compelling and attractive enough to expand your reach. With a video ad maker such as InVideo, you can choose from thousands of templates and add finishing effects such as text, music etc., to create engaging video ads that will help you get maximum clicks and expected returns.

Tips for creating video ads for Instagram

Now that you know that you can either use Instagram’s in-built capabilities to create a video ad or opt for a video-making tool, it is time to look at some video-making tips that will help you create amazing video ads every time.

  • Short and Concise

Viewers have a short attention span, so you must focus on keeping your ads short and crisp. Creating long videos with complicated word choices is a big no, as it not only makes it challenging for the viewers to comprehend but also kills their interest in your video.

  • Shoppable video ads

One of the drawbacks of Instagram is that it doesn’t give any shareable links for your feeds. But if you choose to share a link in your video ad, it can only be a single link leading to one page only. Therefore, if you have many products in your ad, you will need to make a landing page where all your products are listed.

  • Utilize the first few seconds smartly

It is the first part of the video that can either make or break the impression. So, make use of the first few seconds of your video wisely. People are curious to know more; therefore, you must briefly let them know about your products and services within the first few seconds of the video. Avoid adding too much or too little information about your brand and quickly focus on getting to the main point.

  • Single goal

The most common mistake with the majority of video ads is expecting too much from the viewers. Many video ads ask their viewers to share, comment, like, etc., on their posts. This can be overwhelming and confusing for the viewers. Therefore, it is suggested to stick to a single goal or CTA (Call-To-Action) for every video. Focus on what is more important for you. For example, if your video is related to sales of any product, just ask the viewers to visit your website to buy that product instead of asking them to comment and like.


Video ads are the backbone of any online business. Therefore, it is vital to create driving and engaging content. We hope with this post, you will be able to create interesting video ads for Instagram using either its in-built features or a good video ad-making tool like InVideo.