First of all, for a diet plan to fail -the main reason could be you consider it as ‘DIET’. Generally, people following a diet start considering that they are on a diet that is the moment you are losing the game. We cannot ignore the fact that we all are having crazy schedules, deadlines, targets, etc to be met. Mostly by the end of the month, we are drained off, losing all our energy & the focus. People are way ahead of this understanding – what a ‘DIET’ can do & cannot. One fine day, when you suddenly do a blood test & come to know that you have screwed up very badly, that’s when you tend to realize the importance of food & you start googling up for a dietitian (the best & cheap ones probably in the market)

  • A diet plan can help you with
  • Managing stress levels & better sleep.
  • Manage mood swings
  • Bring down the symptoms of medical conditions
  • Getting fit, looking slim
  • Improve stamina & endurance

As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai Ryan Fernando, before coming to a dietitian you need to be mentally prepared for that – yes, I am doing this for myself & for a better future. Whether the dietitian is expensive or not is not at all important – but will you be compliant or not is much more imp than just spending money.

The utmost important thing would be – ‘YOUR GOAL’

A good dietitian would do the following things before assigning a diet plan to you-

  • Medical conditions
  • Body composition
  • Symptoms
  • Eating culture
  • Blood reports

A diet plan made scientifically with all the above points should focus on the person’s goal. A good diet plan should be gradual & not rapid one whether you are a kid, teenager, old aged or young.

Now, certain diets tend to fail because of a lot of reasons, now whom to blame here? Honestly, this is not a blame game. Try to understand it scientifically & rationally.

  • A low-calorie diet: According to the best dietitian in Mumbai, people feel that low-calorie diets work for them to lose weight faster. Well, it does. But please look at the calculations of your body’s resting metabolism. Energy individual needs certain calories to sustain. Since every individual is different, hence every body’s requirements would also be different. A low-calorie diet can make you lose weight only to a certain period. What after that? Please look at having calories calculated for your body’s requirements.
  • Important nutrients missing from the diet: Some diets do not look at a holistic approach but a rapid one. It might happen that it’s lacking in some of the most important nutrients; mostly the micronutrients. In such conditions, the body tends to crave for the same. You need to feel that craving & hence give up on the diet. Some of the micronutrients also enhance mood swings. Hence, if your body is lacking them, you tend to overeat instead.
  • Slow metabolism: There could be multiple reasons for the same. If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle with minimal physical activity this could happen. The metabolism boosts when you tend to burn calories on a daily basis when you breakdown muscles & tend to recover them. Eating patterns where high sugar intake is there & also very fewer proteins tend to slow the metabolism. On the long run, insulin becomes resistant. Ryan Fernando suggests to involve yourself in daily physical activities, follow them for life, including foods that would help boost metabolism & see a difference.
  • Lack of physical activity: Genetically, we all are made up of certain genes. Our genes tell us how our body reacts to certain foods & how it does not. Over time we are slowly adapting to customized nutrition. For some people aligning the diet might help them move their weight but for some may be added physical activity does the job. Maybe you are predisposed with genes that might need a push in terms of physical activity to make things work.
  • Fad diets: Crash diets are famous in the market. People do have time for slow results. Everybody wants faster results & just show the world that they are perfect. Taking up a FAD diet could be risky & should always be done with the help of a practitioner. Yes, it gives you quicker results but is that sustainable? Remember no diet works for everyone.
  • You don’t enjoy dieting: People who think that they are on a ‘diet’ never enjoy the diet. Who takes this up as a course and not a sustainable change gradually gives up dieting? Being on a diet should be holistic & should be continued for the rest of your life. As per the best nutritionist in Delhi, a diet should help you to control your medical conditions & the related symptoms. So take this as fun, enjoy it. Speak with your health practitioner to help you. Generally having a pizza, an alcohol peg, or enjoying highly fatty foods are considered mood-changing foods. People who are stress eaters generally enjoy these kinds of foods. Identify these behavioral changes & report the same.