You might have bought your rental value property for passive income. Making money apart from your regular job can give your net worth a boost. You can peacefully live a good lifestyle. But renting out a property finding reliable tenants is not easy. Either you will have to hire a reliable property management company to manage your real estate business or you will have to find the tricks to do it yourself.

Therefore, experts advise you to do research and know everything before you jump into the real estate business. And if you already own a rental property in Baltimore then you should plan to work on your property, which will help you to increase its value.

Yes, there are a few things you can do to get your rental’s value increased. The rental value is reduced when it remains vacant for a longer period or you are charging low rent. This is the reason why landlords search for reliable occupants who will stay for longer and set the right rental rate.

Let’s see the common thing you can do to maximize your rental value.

Tips to Increase Your Rental Property’s Value

Keep your property well-maintained

Everyone wants to have a safe and well-maintained house to live in. being a landlord it’s your obligation to provide a house to your renters in a habitable condition. So, you will have to regularly inspect your property and check its condition.

Try to keep it well maintained. If you live far from your Baltimore rental units then you can appoint a property manager for this task. They are experienced and also have the required resources that will help you to keep your rental well-maintained. Also, they can assign the repair works to the handymen. And, everything will be done at affordable prices.

When you will keep your property well-maintained and in a good habitable condition, more people would get attracted to your property. Also, you can set a good rental amount for it. The occupants would agree to pay the rent if you will provide them with a tidy space to live.

Make everything better

Of course, you will provide the basics but why not make the basics better. Earlier tenants used to stay for a year or less in a property, but now the scenario has been changed. They stay for longer hence, expect more. You will have to meet their requirements in order to keep them longer in your rental unit.

Well, if you will provide then better basics, you can easily raise rental income. So, when you finalize who will be your tenants, get the house ready. For this, you can use a fresh coat of paint, provide basic furniture, a modern heating system, and if possible give them more outdoor space. This way you will get long-term tenancy. And also, keep your property well-maintained during the tenancy. This will maximize your rental value.

Go for a modular kitchen and tidy bathroom

A neat and well-cleaned bathroom and kitchen attract new tenants. They are willing to pay top rent to those, who will provide the best and well-maintained property. So, you should be more focused on your kitchen and bathroom.

The reason to give more attention to kitchen and bathroom is that they get quickly tired than other rooms. They require more replacement and refurbishment more often than any other room in a private home. Hence, it becomes important to give more attention to two areas.

Go for a long term tenancy

Eviction can be troublesome. Also, having a rental apartment vacant for longer can put you in a financial crisis if it’s your main source of income. So, you should not take this lightly. While searching for renters, ensure you are hiring the one who will live for a longer period. Discuss everything beforehand and try to sense how long the tenants would stay. If you don’t want to deal with turnover then hire a professional.

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Set the right rental rate

The annual rental income as a percentage of the property’s price is the actual rental yield. And this depends on what’s your rental rate. This is the reason why one should set the right rental rate for your property. Consider a few important things and determine the rent.

Offer other amenities

Research your area and check similar properties. Observe what other homeowners are offering and try to add some other amenities. This way you will stand out from the crowd and your property will get noticed by potential tenants. So, you can offer other amenities for ex- your car provide a private driveway, you can give a work from home environment to your tenants, a good security system may attract tenants willing to pay more, etc. Think about different offers and provide them to your tenants.


Maximizing your rental value can be challenging for you so you can take the help of a property management company in Baltimore. They know more about marketing and renting out your rentals. From finding the best tenants to increasing the value of your property, they will handle everything. And, if not then simply follow the above-discussed tips. All these will help you to increase your rental value and run your real estate business successfully.