Shipping an automobile is a hassle. It’s not difficult, but there are many moving pieces. That’s why car shipment payment methods exist. When shipping an automobile, you use an auto transport broker. They are the firm in charge of your vehicle’s transportation. Their goal is to locate you a carrier at a fair price. Their job is to find licensed and insured carriers.

We do that here. When you ship with us, you pay us and your carrier separately. This post will discuss payment options for car shipping, what is typical and what is not, and how you may simplify the payment process.

Paying Your Broker-

When booking through a broker, you are usually charged a fee, deposit, or down payment. There is no difference in the name. The broker will be owed a modest percentage of your entire purchase, usually approximately $200.

Payment terms vary by company, however most accept credit card payments at the time of booking. This is the industry standard, and most reputable businesses accept credit card payments.

That doesn’t mean that businesses are evil. It’s only a warning sign. Regardless, brokers generally offer multiple payment options. They accept checks, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, ACH, and even telechecks. Of course, these will differ by company. So you should ask a representative what payment methods they take.

Brokers help keep pricing competitive. Brokers push carriers to compete for loads by serving as middlemen. The result is lower prices and faster delivery. If you book directly with a carrier, expect higher charges. Brokers help you avoid problems and save money on your shipment.

Cash On Delivery- Cash on delivery is the industry norm for car shipment payment.

Cash on delivery comprises two payments: the broker and the carrier. Unlike brokers, carriers require a bit more concrete. 

Every carrier wants cash. That’s the finest payment method for car transport. They want access to cash because it spends instantly. As stated previously, carriers have several costs. Time is money for a carrier, from fuel expenditures to lost time waiting for goods. After all, they need to keep their vehicles fueled and their bellies satisfied.

Carriers do not accept non-certified payments. Some will accept cashier’s checks and money orders. If you can’t pay with certified funds, you can pay your broker in full. It’s no wonder carriers dislike non-certified funds. Bounced checks Bank checks can be forged. Card payments can be halted. So, of all the car shipping payment options, COD is the simplest. No need to pay your broker, just pay the driver at delivery.

Modes Of Payment For Car Shipping-

Alternative payment methods are available. The most usual is to prepay for auto transport services, which we touched on briefly but will expand on.

Prepays annoy carriers since they rely on the broker for payment. It’s annoying to invoice someone and then wait for payment. Reconciling books is difficult if you haven’t been paid. No carrier wants a broker in debt. The more a broker owes a carrier, the less likely they are to see it.

That’s why CODs nearly always arrive first. They dispatch faster because carriers want to transport those goods. They’re simple, they get paid on time, and there are no hassles. Prepays are still sent out, it just takes a little more work to make sure everything is handled properly. But it also means additional work for your broker.

Other payment options are limited. The broker and the carrier must be paid, and while there are alternatives, none are simpler. COD makes life easy for everyone. Brokers don’t have to worry about missing payments or handling surplus funds for you. Carriers won’t be swindled upon delivery. It’s just wonderful for everyone.

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