Our Story begins in our dream home. It’s a magical place where love resides, memories bloom, friends belong, and happiness never ends. Buying a home whether it’s New / Old, is a huge investment, and one of the smart ways in home budgeting is to allocate some for home maintenance. Whether the home is a bungalow or an apartment, you want everything to be perfect from good amenities, spacious rooms, garden space, sports arena, surroundings nearby, etc. Still, most people forget about one of the important factors, that is Waterproofing the home. 

If you are buying a new home, be sure to ask few questions to the real estate construction company/homeowner like, What type of waterproofing is opted for and what materials are used, how long it lasts, and what are the areas covered. If you are buying a home without waterproofing, then you need to plan your budget to waterproof your home. Here, this blog helps you to know more about its benefits, the areas covered, and how much it costs to Waterproof each area of the home. 

Water is the essential thing for a living, and every home has a network of pipelines that runs across each corner of the home. When the pipes get damaged, it causes major issues like the risk of a short circuit, Damages the Building structure like floor joints, frames, beams, etc., causes serious respiratory problems due to Asthma and Allergies, Blistering of paint, and the growth of molds and mildews. If the building is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect the structural integrity, the benefits are endless. It saves energy costs, maintenance costs, extends the home life from harsh weather conditions, increases the home value, and provides a healthier environment.

The main areas of waterproofing the home are the Roof / Terrace, the basement, the walls and floors, bathrooms, Kitchen and Toilets, Exterior of the home ( Horizontal and vertical surfaces ), swimming pools, and water tanks. To know about the different waterproofing methods and the type of application materials used, 

Cost of waterproofing the home: The price of waterproofing is determined based on, the type of sealants used, the area to be waterproofed, the condition of the current area, and the location of your home. The licensed waterproofing contractors charge on a project basis or per linear foot.

For the Terrace / Roof: Terrace waterproofing is critical, as it is continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes, and rain. Waterproofing the roof includes cleaning of the surface, Treatment of the holes and cracks, coating with primer, then application of layers of the waterproof materials, and finally the inspection. The average cost to waterproof the roof/terrace is around Rs.82,066, and the minimum to maximum cost ranges from Rs. 9,250 – Rs. 3 Lakhs. 

For the Basement / Exterior walls: Basement Waterproofing is essential, as the groundwater is likely to build up in the soil or the places of the high water table. Ideally, it’s best to waterproof the exterior basement walls which start with excavation, wall cleaning, and examination, fixing the foundation cracks, applying the liquid membrane followed by the glass fabric and drain tile installation, and covered with the final layers of waterproof materials. The average homeowner spends nearly Rs. 3,04,732 and the minimum to a maximum cost to seal the basement or foundation ranges from Rs. 1,42,080 to Rs. 4,67,680.

For Bathrooms, Toilets, Balconies, and Utility Area: Bathrooms, utility areas, and Toilets are the main wet area in the house. Waterproofing those areas helps to prevent seepage of water from floor slabs and walls to the substructure of the building. This process includes cleaning up the surface, Testing the surface (water ponding test), Strengthening the area by fixing cracks and grouting, waterproof build-up followed by a final water ponding test for any leakage and final curing. The average cost for Bathroom waterproofing is Rs. 37,000 – Rs. 55,500.

For swimming pools and water tanks: Waterproofing the swimming pool and underground /overhead water tanks are important at the time of its construction because the water may sweep right through small capillaries and destroy the internal walls. For this process, you need to smoothen and clean the substrate first and then apply the waterproofing membrane. Finally, you have to test for leaks. The average cost of waterproofing the swimming pool varies from Rs. 47,360 to Rs. 84,508. 

For interior walls and floors: Before waterproofing the walls and floors, you need to check for any indicators like mold growth, peeling of paint, ceiling stains, and damp walls or floors. First, clean the area free of molds and spores and then apply the waterproofing mix/membrane for stability. The cost of waterproofing the floors vary from Rs. 250 to Rs. 500 / sq.ft.

Always it’s so good to be at home, and it is the best place in the world. The cost of waterproofing the home is minimal in comparison with the cost of buying a home. So, waterproof the whole area of the home based on your budget and remain peaceful during the monsoon season. 

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