Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when businesses look to develop a mobile app:

  • How much does the app development cost?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app this year?
  • What is the average price of a mobile app this year?

These questions are mundane. Businesses  today face overcrowded markets and high competition. Thus, they are feeling the pressure to become digital quickly. 

This must be done with authenticity in a cost-effective fashion. Why? because cost-reduction equals to disaster.

Here are some things app development experts with a decade of experience have to share:

  • A basic mobile app for one platform costs between C$ 32,000 and C$ 64,000.
  • A moderately-complex app for one platform has costs ranging from C$ 64,000 to C$ 126,500.
  • A complex app for a single platform costs more than C$ 125,000

Other than that, it is time we also read about the following:

  • where such facts come from?
  • What this means in real life development.
  • What kind of factors influence them.
  • How to optimize the cost of mobile app development through trusted practices.

Businesses can always consult their app development companies to inquire the true cost of developing their app without any hesitation.

Explaining the average cost to develop a mobile app

Developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS requires organizations to spend an amount more than C$ 120,000. Why? because app development is complicated.

According to professionals working at a well known mobile app development company based in downtown Vancouver; the best way to explain the cost of mobile app development is by thinking about it in terms of the complex work involved.

Here is how the company classified the whole process:

A basic mobile app for one platform costs between C$ 32,000 and C$ 64,000

The development team for this  app consists of developers and the Scrum Master. They will usually log around 325 to 650 work hours. The basic quality assurance plan recommended contains around 50 hours of quality assurance specialist work per month. The development of such apps will take around between four and nine weeks, assuming that the company has two developers per platform.

What does a basic app mean? It is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) having a clear vision. This is based on simple features with fundamental business logic. It consists of up to 5 different screens and has a basic User Interface (UI) without custom elements.

A moderately-complex app for one platform has costs ranging from C$ 64,000 to C$ 126,500

In the development this mobile app, the developers and the Scrum master will usually log around 650 to 1100 working hours. The recommended extended Quality Assurance plan for such a mobile app has 80 hours of QA specialist work per month. 

The development will take around 10 to 15 weeks (almost two to three months). This is on the assumption that there are two developers working on each platform.

A mobile app of medium complexity means an app having a few complex features with business logic of intermediate level. It consists of around six or 15 screens with some custom User Interface (UI) animations and elements. This app offers localization in at least two languages.

Developing a complex app for one platform costs more than C$ 125,000

The development team of developers and Scrum Master will log in more than 1100 working hours. The Enterprise plan recommended for Quality Assurance (QA) for this app contains 150 hours of work monthly. 

The development will take at least more than 3 months. This assumes that the app development company has deployed 2 developers per platform.

What is a complex app? This apps have numerous complex features with advanced business logic. It has 15 screens. Presence of a custom User Interface (UI) and advanced animations with a large scale multilingual user base.

Such an app requires construction of a complicated architecture. Other than,  It has multiple integrations to meet high-security demands.