When a resentful situation like divorce occurs, you feel completely broken down from inside. When you get apprehensive of losing your child to your partner, it adds on to your anguish even more. The significance of hiring the top child custody lawyers Perth lies exactly in this regard. When either of the partners fails to give adequate care and attention to the child, it’s really not worth it. That doesn’t mean that the child would be deprived of the best parental care and attention.

Child Custody: The Ultimate Solution

The only way to resolve this issue is to give the child’s custody to the more caring parent. This way, the child will get the best parental care and attention without being exposed to any form of deprivation. So, are you also looking forward to obtaining your child’s custody somewhere in Australia? Before that, it’s good to get acquainted with the various new laws related to child custody in Australia. Some of this legal nitty-gritty are given below for you to consider.

Prominent changes to the Australian Child Custody Law

A few years back, the Australian Child Custody Law witnessed some of the significant changes. Some of these legal changes have been outlined below.

    1. Equal parental responsibilities

The definition of a parenting order in Australia has entirely changed. According to this, both parents are responsible for sharing an equal amount of responsibilities. This is to ensure that the child gets the finest care and attention from both the parents. In case, the child has been violated by a parent, the parenting order has to be changed a bit. In that situation, that parent should be excluded from the parenting order in giving care and attention to his/her child.

    1. The 18-year-old condition

Each of the parents will be responsible for providing effective care and attention to his/her child unless he/she turns 18. This care and attention have to be given unless the court rules a decision concerning collective parental responsibility. Parental responsibility requires both the parents to fulfill certain duties towards the child. These chiefly include a comprehensive range of duties and rights that parents have in connection with his/her child. Some amendments may have to be made in this parental role for some reason.

The possible reasons

These changes in the parental role may be required if a special ruling has been made by the Australian Court. The amendment may be needed if a new parenting order has been made based on some substantial reasons. Do you wish to get more information about this? If so, then hiring the best child custody lawyer in Perth, Australia must be your ultimate choice.

    1. Rebuttal of parental responsibility

The parental responsibility can be rebutted if the court finds that the equal shared responsibility isn’t in the child’s favor. That’s why the Australian court always ensures that the formulated parenting order is in the child’s choicest interests. The parenting order should be such so that the child gets the following privileges from both the parents.

    • The child should be able to spend an equal amount of time with both the parents.
    • The child should be able to partake in the most special events of his/her parents. These include their birthdays and anniversaries to name just a few.
    • Both parents are also liable to spend an equal amount of time with the child on weekends and holidays.

It may happen that yielding the best verdict for your child seems almost impossible. That is the time when you should contact the best child custody lawyer in Perth, Australia. After hearing about the individual circumstances of both the parents, your lawyer will prepare an effective parenting order. Rest assured that this parenting order will be in the best interest of your child.

Parenting tips during Covid-19

The abrupt occurrence of Covid-19 has made the situation for divorced parents even more difficult especially in Australia. So, the following are some effective tips on how they can provide effective care and attention to their child during Coronavirus.

    • Spend more time: Covid-19 has given you the scope to stay more at home. So, both of you spend the maximum time with your kids. This way you can prove that you are unapologetically responsible and caring towards your child.
    • Be more like a team: The best Divorce Lawyers Perth WA are suggesting their clients about this repeatedly during this pandemic. Try to spend time with your child together. Remember, it’s not a time to fight but to remain together and strong.
    • Opt for a settlement: Some of the mediation lawyers in Perth, Australia are insisting the impending divorced parents do this. If they opt for a settlement during this pandemic, it would be in the best interests of their child.

So, get in touch with the best divorce lawyers Perth today. Before doing so make sure to implement each of the parenting tips stated above especially during this pandemic.